Obama-Hitler signs in tow, Dave Christie supporters berated away from 23rd and Jackson

Supporters of Dave Christie showed up at 23rd and Jackson today with Lyndon LaRouche’s signature Obama-with-a-Hitler-mustache posters and were promptly met with strong resistance from a large crowd of angry people.

“You don’t come into the neighborhood with pictures of Obama with a Hitler mustache,” said Larry, one of the people angry with the posters. “Take that Hitler mustache off, and we can have a dialog.”

People surrounded the table and berated the LaRouche/Christie supporters until they packed their things and left the sidewalk in front of Starbucks.

I have a feeling Dave Christie, a “Larouche Democrat” running against Adam Smith in the 9th District, will not be getting many votes from the neighbors of 23rd and Jackson.


UPDATE: So what’s Christie all about? Here’s a video where he explains it all (includes fears of WWIII, a LIBOR-centered conspiracy to reduce the world’s population):

38 thoughts on “Obama-Hitler signs in tow, Dave Christie supporters berated away from 23rd and Jackson

  1. way to express your disapproval without any stupid violence or vandalism or pushing/shoving crap.

    send those LaRouchebags packin!

  2. I am not a fan of the Larouche campaigners but making it so they feel threatened to the point they pack their stuff up and take off is not cool. What happened to free speech? Why did people have to berate them and not just ignore them? This is pretty sad to me.
    I personally think they are nutcases and don’t believe in their views. I would never berate them to the point where they have to pack up and leave.

  3. but Ron they didn’t have to pack up and leave.

    they chose to pack up and leave.

    nothing happened to their right of Free Speech. they were exercising that right until they decided to leave.

  4. did they pack up and leave becuase they felt threatened though? what if gays or liberals or brown people felt threatened somewhere for talking about politics in Redmond or issaquah you would all be furious

  5. When you bring the ol’ Hitler ‘stache to a conversation it sends a pretty clear message that a rational, adult conversation is not what you’re after. Unsurprisingly, that’s not what these guys got. When you set the frame of discourse that low, you’ve got no business complaining if others are disinclined to elevate it.

  6. if someone threatens you, call the Police. same as always.

    however, Freedom of Speech means other people are allowed to berate you and disagree with you by vocal expression.

    it’s very simple.

  7. It’s not a question of being tolerant. If the LaRouchebags (thanks,spiffy d!) were serious about having a dialog about real issues, they could’ve done that. They didn’t need Hitler posters, and they’d probably still be there (and probably ignored). But by bringing intentionally inflammatory posters, they showed what they really wanted for was to stir conflict, inflame, offend, and to get a riled response. It was an intentional slap in the face especially to the black community, but also to all responsible citizens who are supporters of Obama, and it was insulting. They got what they deserved. But for the admirable restraint the community evidenced, they’re lucky they didn’t fare a lot worse.

  8. Screw tolerance. We don’t have to tolerate every damned thing. When your cross beyond the tolerance threshold you should be mocked derided and asled to leave. The only question is where do we draw the line.

    Here’s a relevant question: Is there anybody that actually wanted to hear from these guys? Anybody at all? I’m not talking about what you think people should do. Just a question – is there anybody at all who wants to hear from these people?

    I’ve been trending reprublican, but, I don’t want to hear from these guys. Run em out. We have our own stuff to deal with.

  9. Again, a message with no value added. No intent to engage people. When your intent is to foment hatred, guess what you get? That did no good for homosexuals or anyone else. It was intended to inflame and alienate.

  10. If you take a look at the first photo, you can see a cop in the foreground. I think it very unlikely that anyone there was ever under threat. That said, I agree with the others that Christie knew exactly what he was doing and got exactly what he deserved. At best, this was a huge political gaff. At worst, it shows Christie to be a complete idiot. Either way, I think it’s safe to say that his political future is about as bright as that of LaRouche himself.

  11. What is it about Obama that anyone can support? The NDAA detention of people without just cause, in secret and without due process, or maybe it is that 28 trillion dollar bailout that went to the criminals who are now being investigated for the biggest drug money laundering in all of US history using Wachovia and HSBC (Hong Shang Banking Corporation it used to be called? Or wait, maybe it is the use of drones at 40x the rate that Bush the nepotist used, and was used to kill US citizens again with no intent to protect their Constitutional rights. Anyone who does not know that the policies that Obama has been pushing make Nero look like a towel boy and have already killed uncounted people because of budget cuts. He does not need an oven, he useds his Executive Orders and stupid people who do not know fascism even when it stares them right in the mirror. It seems that folks that people this site think flash mobs are the new “free speech” tool. Thank God there are some people who think in this world, clearly this mob does not want to do so.

  12. So, I take it you’ll be voting for Romney, because he’ll be so much more progressive?

  13. Keep “trending Republican” and you’ll just hear more of this shit. Oh wait, things will be different now that the Republicans have that “big tent”. Or…was that last election?

  14. WHY would the people at 23rd and Jackson be ANY more tolerant than anyone else? I clearly saw a cop in the picture…. why would THEY feel threatened? I’ve seen that same political group recieve the same treatment at Westlake Center. When you hold up a billboard showing the POTUS with the likeness of one of the most hated figures in modern history, you’d better be ready to defend your statement. I do find it curious, that the political group didn’t show G.W. Bush with that mustache, even though his grandfather was given the highest civilian honor from the nazi party. Big up to those who stood by their president, and stood up for their neighborhood!

  15. People have a right to set up a table and express thier opinion. People have a right to comment vociferously about that opinion. Someone leaves because they do not feel welcome, or do not feel like they can discuss their POV, that is their lookout.

    LaRouchites are expert at trying to incite a violent reaction in order to make themselves look like victims. Possibly the tactics have changed, but over 30 years ago my friends and I spent many many hours in a peacekeeping role, observing all political action folks who tabled in front of the University Student Union. Lots of passionate political positioning. But, the LaRouchites were the ONLY group where we had to regularly insert our bodies between ‘activists’ who were physically intimidating their propaganda targets into a corner and the victims who were exhibiting signs of readying a fight response to shove the screaming person out of the way.

    Maybe the tactics have changed. Glad there was restaint on all sides.

  16. P-Patch, police were actually called to the scene when someone called in a disturbance. So I do not believe they were there at the start of their tabling, but showed up once things got hot.

  17. Everyone knows the the LaRouches are NSA/CIA operatives in training. Lots written about this decades ago. They are the evolution of the Nixon Cointelpro operation.

  18. Shame on you Monster. Tolerance?! F U. What is tolerant about reminding us of a horrible monster (Hitler) and insinuating that Obama -love or hate him- is ANYTHING like him. Tolerance? This jew is offended by these arsehole ignoramuses and their novice-but-exploitative approach to politics. Whaaaaaaa, look at us and listen to us!!! Boohoo. Obama’s Hitler! (Did that get there attention?). Fucking ridiculous. It’s high time mobs of folks stand up to these assholes. Sorry for the language but -wait -no I’m not. And PLEASE don’t censor this. It’s far, far kinder than Obama with a Hitler mustache.

  19. JimS:

    1. I am not a repbulican. Christie is not republican. Your demonization of republicans is not much different than Christie’s demonization of Obama.
    2. I am not a democrat.

    What I meant by trending republican is that I have voted recently in our local elections for republicans that are for less government. At this point is has become important to strangle goverments of cash until they can get to the business of setting priorities and eliminating graft. So, I am an Eymenite more than a republican. Somewhat nihilistic.

    Anyway – these guys do not represent republicans or anyone else. They don’t deserve any respect. There are lots of socialists besides Obama that have not taken the monsterous steps that Lenin, Stalin, Hiltler and others have taken. We do have the local anarchists that would fall right in step an put on the brown shirts, but, they have no leader. They would be more likely to follow Christie than Obama.

  20. Oh come on. Simpletons and nothing more. Let’s not give them any credibility of actually having imagined ties with anything.

  21. Surely you can do better than to attack Bush on the basis of his grandfather’s associations. What the heck is that? I guess it makes sense. Nothing can ever change because we must always base our trust of each other based on actions of our relatives 100 years ago. Hatred must be carried on, it’s in our blood. Jeez.

    I’ve never voted for a Bush. One, I don’t believe the presidency should be monopolized. So, B1 is out because he was in with Reagan. B2 is out because B1 was in. Hilary out because Bill was in. Obama out, because he’s an idiot. Romney? I don’t know man. I’ll probably throw out my vote to somebody honest enough to have no chance.

    Last time, I voted for Palin just out of spite for the haters. McCain? Seemed relatively honest but I couldn’t commit to him. I was OK with Obama when he started and offerred credible energy plans and an anti war isolationist plan like Woodrow Wilson. But Obama sold out before he got elected. He fell off my list about 9 months from the election when he sold his soul to the US Presidency. McCain just got too old. Palin seemed funny enough, pissed people off, and looked good in jeans. That seemed better than the other choices. Ideally McCain would have had a stroke and Palin could have crashed the ship, then we could rebuild. Instead we are on eternal terminal life support paid with imaginary wealth of our grandkids. Unplug please.

  22. They’re funded and controlled by the banking, oil, insurance industries. If the presidents weren’t controlled by the elite Obama would had charged Bush with war crimes, but instead he pardon him. The elites needed a black face on the next puppet to continue where Bush left off and to expand the wars to Africa. Yep, Syria, Yemen, Somalia are in Africa. When whites stand up to stop the madness (bailouts, genocides in Africa) by trying to get the attention of tv heads, by denoting a Hitler mustach on obama, pride gets in the way. I mean afterall there were no WMD in Iraq, and osama is dead. So why are we now stealing the natural resources of Africa? And for whom? What did the innocent Africans have to do with 9/11. Blacks would be outraged if Bush was doing what Obama is doing. I’m not a democrat nor a republican. When people realize both parties are controlled opposition by and for the elite than maybe we’ll all unit against the machine, but I think people in general are too stupid to figure it out!

  23. Mostly correct as usual. I don’t believe in war crimes. War is ugly. You go out and destroy the enemy and take what you were after. This other stuff we do is wierd and troublesome.

    Either they are your enemy and you must attack them, or, what the heck are you going to war for. To steal? That’s called stealing, or piracy or something. Not sure what the moral rules of engagement are for stealing. Perhaps some our residents can enlighten us. I guess you can use a gun to steal – that’s robbery. So you have guns and you take stuff and you shoot people, then that’s robbery and murder. Not really war crimes. No how about if you just don’t want other people coming into your hood and you go kill them or just you hate their group and go around shooting them. What’s that. Is that war? How about if you shoot up some people that you didn’t really care anything about by accident while you are killing the enemy say some local CD father. Is that a war crime?

    How about you go bomb Dresden flat to the ground or nuke Nagasaki? Is that war? Is it a war crime? There is no such thing as international law. Just a bunch of stuff we agree to for now or not. Anybody can just not do it later, what they going to come war one us for ocean dumping? If that is true we should go to War with Victoria B.C. for not treating their sewage. Or with the City for combined storm/sewer overflows into lake Washington.

    There is no such thing as a war crime. Either you believe you are righteous in slaughtering the enemy or stay the heck out. Wilson had it right – stay the heck out. Nobody ever got it right again except perhaps Carter and Reagan were OK. Nixon got us out of Vietnam, so, He may actually be the best president ever, so, they set him up for a fall. Then they sabbotaged Carter.

    Just kidding. Kind of.

  24. There is some interesting reading about the American Indian Movement, and the Black Panthers, being infiltrated and sabotaged by Nixon’s cointelpro. Someone should write a book! Although I see that Aaron Dixon (once my babysitter) has written a book, about to come out. Can’t wait to read it!

  25. I would love if the whole time, the LaRouche fans were just trying to acknowledge Obama’s superior physical comedy skills!

  26. No, there has been no Pardon, and the Red Sea is the internationally recognized continental division between Africa and Asia. So Syria and Yemen are actually in Asia, though the fact that Somalia is in Africa appears to be the only fact in this low information screed.

  27. These guys come down to Seward park and I’ve told them off before, but of course the cowards here in Seward park are too interested in whole grains to stand up for anything that doesn’t involve a refund.

    I made this same poster about my principal in high school when I was fifteen, which is exactly where this sort of crap belongs, in high school.

    Excellent work folks.

  28. If more reasonable people stood up to extremists like this the world would be a better place.