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Missing 300 gal cistern from Alleycat Acres

A 300 gallon cistern went missing from Alleycat Acres’ 22nd & Union farm sometime over the weekend. Did you happen to see some peoples lugging the beast from its resting spot behind the red shed? We used the cistern to collect rainwater and power our solar sink. Any help or clues would be greatly appreciated. 

It looked like this 2 years ago when it got delivered:

If you saw anything that might help, give us a holler at [email protected]


10 thoughts on “Missing 300 gal cistern from Alleycat Acres

  1. gosh! what next? what could one possibly want with this item???? I will keep my eyes open for it.

  2. Someone with a grow-op probably stole it.

    How much is it going to cost to replace? Time for another fundraiser! :-)

  3. Fisher and Sean, you can have some of our home canned bread & butter pickles and cherries for a fundraiser if you’d like. Also, we have lots of painted garden marker rocks that are ridiculously cute. There’s a flea market at 23rd and Union on Sept 16th. Perhaps a new cistern fundraising table is in order? :-)

  4. It’s not so much the cost of replacing the cistern (we might even be able to manage with a rain barrel or two) as our bafflement at why – and especially HOW – someone managed to make off with it. Thanks to the good folks at the gas station we no longer rely on it for irrigation, but had a fun time converting it over to our sink reservoir.

    We appreciate everyone’s offer to help! Instead of a fundraiser to replace that one bit of equipment perhaps we can engage you all in our annual Streets+Beets bike ride this spring, which provides 95% of our operating resources for the year.

    I would suggest a Collective Self gift bag that includes free coworking, but, well, you’ve already got that covered!

    On that note, we’d be more than happy to include the CS postcard in our swag bags if you’re interested.

  5. It was an aluminum cage with a large plastic drum. I suppose the metal could have been worth something, though there’s a bunch of other metal on site that’s far easier to grab n’ go if someone was thieving.

  6. So sorry to read about this loss. I have been stockpiling these cisterns at my property out in the Peninsula. They are relatively cheap on Craigslist if you’re needing a source of one. Also I could turn you on to a local source ifyou need a quick and possibly cheap replacement.

    :( thats just bad karma man. oops

  7. Check the Recycle Depot on Rainier. That place is always crawling with metal thieves.

  8. There is a cistern that looks exactly like this one sitting in the back yard of house on 29th ave E and E Harrison.
    It looks like this resident has a legit use for it. He/She looks to be a serious gardener and probably owns the stolen cistern’s brother. They might know where you can get a replacement.