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lost cat

our neighbors who are out of town have a friend watching their house and pets. two nights ago one of their cats wandered off in the yard never to return. normally this isn’t an issue, except this cat is 22 years old, pretty much blind, and pretty much deaf. she’s very sweet and loves to be held, but probably won’t “come to you” due to her sight and hearing. her name is sweatervest, but she probably won’t respond to that either… she was last seen around 29th and pike. we’ve scoured the neighborhood the last couple days and haven’t found anything, thought i’d post on here as well. thanks for your time!

3 thoughts on “lost cat

  1. you might want to have the house sitter leave some of the owners things that smell like them … pillowcases, blankets, a pair of shoes, outside in the yard etc …her sight and hearing might be gone but I bet her sense of smell is OK