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Carnival of Liberation parade temporarily reoccupies Autonomia

A group of activists took to the streets Sunday to protest a wide array of societal issues. The Carnival of Liberation, as it was dubbed, had close to 150 attendees accepted to attend on Facebook but upon arriving was only met by a small few. As the start time (1:30 p.m.) came and went, only three or four activists were present. Soon after, a troop of ten bicycle cops descended down the Hill from the East Precinct into the Central District. Squad cars and blacked-out Suburbans circled the block as the gathering started to grow.

People in pink dresses, clowns, and people in street clothes began to envelop the concrete corridor outside of Earl’s Cuts and Styles at 23rd and Union.

“We’re here to support everyone and their viewpoints,” said General Malaise with the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army, who have become commonplace in many Seattle marches.

By 2:30, about 30 activists had accrued and began taking to the streets, walking southbound on 23rd Ave. One person on a bike bumped a portable stereo while riding in circles around the crowd. The police officers kept a wary one-to-two block distance while following. Traffic delays were minor.

The Clowns whom I spoke with began picking up trash during the march, filling two or so bags. One man began debating with General Malaise that he was contributing to gentrification of the Central District by picking up trash.

The relatively small group drew looks of confusion from passersby, thumbs up from an elderly woman in an old Toyota and cheers when passing a “garage band garage sale” (bands play and sell garage sale stuff, what a concept!). A man on the sidewalk yelled, “Celebrate god, happy birthday,” to a chorus of cheers. The march eventually ended at the former site of anarchist house and community center Autonomia at 24th and Lane.

The group was greeted by a few people clad in masks and a microphone as well as a large table of free food and began an impromptu block party. The speaker talked about how the community center was closed and spoke of a society “without an economy, without capitalism.”

The police, who had so diligently followed the march, backed up and more or less disappeared. A neighbor at this point began arguing with the protestors, who suggested he speak with the cops up the street.

One question that I asked attendees was, “What specific reason are you here for?” The responses I got covered a wide spectrum of societal issues from bringing the community together, protesting social inequality and gentrification. But none indicated a singular issue for the carnival.

While leaving a block away, tucked in the corner of a parking lot was two police Suburbans and a SPD van presumably filled with riot clad officers.

Attendees from the event tell CDNews that everyone dispersed peacefully without any intervention by police (here’s the version of events from anarchist paper Tides of Flame).

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  1. The door was open? Suuuure it was.

    Hey, I’m curious, looking at the Tide of Flames link. Isn’t it extremely misogynistic to end the informational paragraph on the event with a totally random cartoon of a body-disproportionate sexpotish woman dressed in bondage attire? Way to contribute to the objectification of women, and the perpetuation of unattainable, unrealistic body proportions for young women as a way of disempowering women and keeping them down. And some of you have daughters! Hypocrites!

  2. Good to the people who come out to fight the battles in this world, but make sure your path is virtuous. Despite the propoganda lies given at 24th & Lane this weekend and printed in the Tides of Flame regarding Autonomia’s demise being at the hands of capatilistic neighbors & city government, those of us that lived through the BS of Autonomia know that the real issues were the use of the space as a late night music venue/dance club and the violence, graffiti, and litter that came with it. If a group used the space quietly during reasonable hours, acted neighborly, and truly focused on free food, clothes, internet, books, etc., I doubt anyone would complain. I personally would welcome it. Someone could probably still do that with the space if they approached it right.

  3. What strikes me most about this group is that they have never realized that utopian ideals are just that – ideals – which can never exist in the real world. They are works of fiction and while they may serve as goals, they can never be. However, I think I figured this out in about 10th grade.

    Guy on the Lane tells it like it is – is was the late night disruptive behavior of its residents that was the downfall of Autonomia, although they prefer to cast themselves as victims of oppression (oh, please!).

  4. I disagree. I think they want to have everything for free, and have survival of the fittest. That’s what I’ve gotten from reading their publications. If you have a dispute with your neighbor, duke it out. If you want something, take it. They don’t want to pay taxes to fund schools, care for the disabled, section 8 housing or foodstamps for the most needy, etc. Sounds more like supremacists to me, than anyone with community related ideals. And, they mimic Manson each time they try to incite racial divisions in order to further their goals. Boring, tired, selfish and already done. How many of this folks talk about volunteering at Chief Seattle Club when they trot out their supposed rage over John T. Williams? Or 1811 Eastlake? Or DESC in general? How many are talking about volunteering, as my kids do, at the Union Gospel Mission, the food banks, Angeline’s, etc? Silence. It’s all about them, all the time.

  5. what violence are you talking about? and why is that the same three people are commenting on anything that strays outside the laws or status quo? are you all cops? why are you spreading fictions about violence coming out of Autonomia???

  6. Honestly I don’t think cops care about your juvenile balogna half as much as you think they do. You’re not that important! Heck, there are frequent flyer vagrants and mentally ill folks arrested monthly like clockwork who probably take up more space in the minds of cops than you goofy lot. My question is this: Why when anyone finds fault with your actions do you attack them (cops, gentrifiers, bo bo, yuppie scum)? Seems to prove a lie your constant claim of trying to promote community.

  7. 1. The stereotypical response about anarchists and our (lack of) contribution to the community is so tired. We do volunteer in the community, we live in the community, and we fight against things like white supremacy and patriarchy with everything we do. We oppose the police because they are slave chasers, destroying communities, and locking up people of color at an alarming and disgusting rate. I’ve seen more residents of the CD (specifically, black residents) chumming it up with the cops than I ever needed to see in a lifetime. If anything, these people are more of a problem than any white anarchist you meet in that area.

    2. I see that no one is mentioning the egregious amount of verbal abuse that was heaped on us by a neighbor of Autonomia yesterday. This gentleman got out of his car and proceeded to lecture us about “don’t we know it’s Sunday, a day of church, a day for peace in the neighborhood?”. Then he verbally attacked a participant in our march with the most disgusting patriarchal comments, ending with a grab of his crotch and “suck my d*&k” in front of his own partner, all of us, and my friend’s two young children. Sorry, but if you are so upset about an unsavory element in your neighborhood you need look no father than this patriarchal abusive jerk. (note: this gentleman was black and so is my friend. if this is how the black community treats each other….well, again, really disappointing to see this)

  8. Yes, I know. I looked it up online when I right-clicked on the pic. Your point? That rape victims and former prostitutes (Lord Fanny) dress/look like that, because…? What? It has what to do with the post?

  9. So while claiming to rescue the black community, oh White Hope, you also find them disappointingly ungrateful? Good GRIEF, is this course entitled stereotype 101 or what? Everything you’re doing and expressing was already done in the 60’s. Zzzzzzz Forgive us all if the disenfranchised do not thank you loudly enough.

  10. P.S. One black person does not represent all black people as you imply. Your racism is stunningly blunt.

  11. If nobody in your “community” wants you there, do you think you might be better off advocating for and in some other community where they do? I constantly see a lot of whining and bellyaching from your bunch about the constant abuse you get from all sides, but I don’t see much about the good you’ve accomplished, community projects you complete, the welcome you get, etc. Usually you’re complaining about “gentrification” and racism, now you’re complaining about treatment from black neighbors. Could it be they don’t particularly appreciate your oh-so-benevolent looking-out for them either? So I dunno….maybe you should buy a clue? There must be somewhere you’re wanted. Maybe I missed it, but it doesn’t seem to be around here.

  12. actually, grumbo and you are some of the only internet people who talk shit. you people don’t even live in the CD.

  13. “I think they want to have everything for free, and have survival of the fittest.”

    Anarchists believe in Mutual Aid mostly which is more or less the opposite of Survival of the Fittest.

    “They don’t want to pay taxes to fund schools, care for the disabled, section 8 housing or foodstamps for the most needy, etc.”

    I think you are totally missing the point. Take foodstamps for example: The society we live in produces more than enough food for everyone but some people still go hungry BECAUSE of larger societal forces which anarchists are fighting against.

    “…they mimic Manson each time they try to incite racial divisions in order to further their goals. Boring, tired, selfish and already done.”

    Acknowledging that racism still exists and fighting against it is not ‘inciting racial divisions’. Your comparison to Manson is cheap tacky and overdramatic.

    “How many are talking about volunteering, as my kids do, at the Union Gospel Mission, the food banks, Angeline’s, etc? Silence. It’s all about them, all the time.”

    You say “Silence” as if you had actually asked a question and received a response, which is a lie. I know many anarchists who are volunteers. If you’re so interested in how anarchists use their time and you have so many great ideas about how they could be spending it, why don’t you start coordinating volunteer projects and inviting anarchists to help out?

  14. also, by all accounts, there were about 30 cops at the carnival. so its clear that your coworkers do in fact care about this lot.

  15. As a CD resident that is Not a cop. I can say that I wouldn’t shed a tear if the people behind automania went away. Might even crack a smile. I will however miss the laughs I get out of read their post.

  16. I have NEVER heard anyone in the CD say anything like…”Oh I wish someone would come along and kick all these law abiding white folks out of the CD. Just look at their nice yards and happy playing children. Those jerks. I would much rather have a bunch of mask wearing, wall tagging anarchists living next to me.”

    I HAVE heard my neighbors say…”I wish these loud, crusty, wall tagging anarchists would go away.”

    or in my opinion, shut up, live, and let live.

  17. Where are you anarchists volunteering? How are you helping the community as you claim? Please be specific vs. “we fight for tenant rights against yuppie landlords.” How so?

    Also, if you state that all people paying taxes are war mongers, etc. Why are you utilizing EBT cayrds? Can you not reason that SOME taxes go to help the most needy?

  18. Yeah, anarchist ideals like egalitarianism and cooperation and non-coercive social relations… sooo delusional. Thanks, idiot. You realize that people (in great numbers) have lived like this throughout human history, that people do live like this on small scales around the world, and that it is possible for more people to do so if enough decide it is worth fighting for…

  19. “If you’re so interested in how anarchists use their time and you have so many great ideas about how they could be spending it, why don’t you start coordinating volunteer projects and inviting anarchists to help out?”

    I have plenty of fruit that could be harvested as part of the Colman Community Harvest. We usually give half to the St. Mary’s Food Bank and the other half is divided around the neighbors. I always have trees and fruit we can’t get to that just rots because their are never enough volunteers. I have also never found volunteers to organize or pick fruit north of Jackson in the Central District. I got a call on a pear tree on Yesler where the food is rotting and have no one to pick it.

    We also have a pruning workshop tomorrow to help get trees in our neighborhood into better shape, that is creating our own neighborhood urban orchard of well-loved trees. We’re working on trees all evening and it includes a community dinner to boot. Bring pruning tools if you have them, but if not, we will take turns sharing what tools we have.

    If you need fruit, want to help folks who need food, and hate to see fruit just rotting on the trees, well, I can use help. [email protected]. I invite anarchists to help out.

  20. First, it is important to understand that most of what anarchists do when they are practicing anarchism is voluntary, unpaid, and meant to contribute to the struggle for a world free from hierarchy, oppression, and exploitation.

    But as to a more classic definition of “volunteerism”…

    I know anarchists who do/have done all of the following things:
    – provide free food in multiple locations throughout the city every week (through Food Not Bombs and other organizations)
    – volunteer for Books to Prisoners
    – volunteer for suicide prevention hotlines
    – volunteer for rape crisis hotlines
    – plant/tend community gardens
    – deliver warm clothes and socks to homeless folks
    – foster rescue animals
    – volunteer as medics for No More Deaths (
    – organize free markets and free stores where people can get things they need
    – volunteered for Gulf of Mexico clean-up efforts after the spill
    – cop watch for short haul truckers getting harassed down at the port
    – etc etc etc

    The difference between anarchists and many other volunteers is that we are not satisfied with the band-aids most volunteer projects slap on the gaping wounds that this society creates. We see things holistically and understand the roots of and connections between different social problems. Most of us cannot separate the “creative” or “positive” aspect of volunteerism from the “destructive” or “negative” project of destroying capitalism and the state. We have strong criticisms of non-profit organizations and the non-profit industrial complex because they often serve to quell the angry energy that could become a serious threat to the status quo (you know, the one that creates and requires homelessness, unemployment, scarcity, economic refugees, environmental destruction, and widespread depression and alienation, to name a few huge problems). For this reason and the endless frustration many of us experience when working within nonprofits (and religious institutions), we often (but not exclusively) start our own projects or choose to contribute to more radical ones.

  21. No I, Grumbo and the others are not cops and we really do live here. You, and the phony anarchists are racist spoiled children who are not from here, grew up in a middle class white neighborhoods who believe you are savng the poor brown people from gentrification and that you speak for them as you are the intelligent white politically hip that have come here to save them. It has happened here before when the city only recognized churchs as representitives of the CD when every other neighborhood had community councils. Look in the mirror, your the racist your pretend everybody who is white who actually lives here is.
    Go home and grow up! Do your parents know where you are, do they even care?

  22. I volunteer every monday at alleycat acres, 6-9pm, a community garden space that reclaims abandoned land (MLK and Union) and donates the surplus yields to food banks. And yes, I am a lifelong Anarchist. I also volunteered at Night out to lend my opinion about neighborhood safety and police, I help with Food For Everyone on sundays in front of the Horace Mann school, help with my daughter’s chess club at leshi elementary, am part of the Garfield Bulldog football boosters club.
    We walk among you; anarchists are fathers, husbands, teachers, construction workers, bus drivers. I may not have a black flag flying from my front door or distinctive tattoo, but it is a belief I hold just like any other creed you might encounter in your daily life. And yeah, Knox, I’ll definitely take you up on that offer.

  23. Hey also,

    Obviously you don’t live on the block near 24th & Lane and know nothing about what went on when Autonomia was open. One of the first big issues with Autonomia was when they leased the space out to some teenagers for a birthday party and a full out brawl erupted onto the street. A guy was actually thrown on tbhe hood of my neighbors car while they tried to drive down the street. This block isn’t perfect, but we never had a street brawl until Autonomia moved in and invited violence to our block. While you will probably say “that wasn’t Autonomia”, that’s BS, as we never had that issue before they moved in, they rented their space to the hoodlums that had the brawl, and we have not had issues since Autonomia left. Funny that you only questioned the violence, which is documented. Guess you agree they were bad noisy neighbors that brought graffiti and litter to the block, as they did.

  24. Hmm now. According to several commenters on here, the Carnival of Liberation was basically a parade of racist white people trying to “rescue the black community.” That must include the various radical/anarchist people of color who were present at the march, right? Or are they just poor little colored dummies getting led on by the evil white power anarchists? (That’s racist!)

    I will acknowledge what is blatantly obvious and does, in my opinion, make this whole thing confusing and worth talking about more (…though not necessarily in this venue): There were many more white people at the “Carnival” than people of color. Being that the Carnival was focused on the racist-capitalist process of gentrification, I think the organizers’ of the event would do well to think more about this, and I’m sure they are. It’s certainly pretty complicated, and I doubt any of the reactionary fools on here have the capacity to actually think very critically about it.

    Anyway, here’s a thought:

    There’s this interesting thing that anti-racist “experts” & identity politicians are always saying to white people: to be a good “ally” to people of color, you must confront other white people’s racism and institutional racism directly. So, following this logic, white people who hope to practice anti-racism should be calling out the racist, racialized gentrification of the Central District. But then, uh oh! Now these “white people” (who actually aren’t all white) are trying to “save the brown people” and must be racist. That is some twisted ass logic.

    At the start of the march, should the organizers have lined everyone up and asked them to identify what race they were, their blood quantum, etc? Would there have been a “sufficient” ratio of people of color to white people to make this completely open and voluntary event “not racist”? Should the organizers have approached the self-appointed “leaders” of the “black community” in the Central District to see if they would get “their people” to participate?

    I am not trying to “save” anybody. If anything, I only hope that the projects I participate in attract other people who want the same things that I want and hate the same things that I hate so that we form relationships, share ideas, and struggle together. I also hope that my projects inspire other people to do similar things for themselves.

    Here’s something interesting to read for all you readers out there…:
    Who is Oakland: Anti-Oppression Activism, the Politics of Safety, and State Co-optation

  25. The photos represent the facts of the matter. I went down and had some Filafel and saw it first hand.

    There were about 20 silly looking dorks milling around. Not helpful, not harmful. They were marching on 23, I had to go through a parking lot to get around them – not a particularly big disruption.

    It’s mildly funny to see mental midgets acting out. Mildly sad too.

  26. Well Africa town, the two parades look very different. Looks like white fools took over your street.

  27. While they did look ridiculous, I want to say thank you to those that participated in the parade for keeping it peaceful and non-destructive; especially a thank you to those that picked up trash instead of leaving for my neighbors and I to clean-up. You were successful in getting attention. Please just pick a worthy unjustice to opine on in the future instead of martyring a disreputable place like Autonomia.

    It is unfortunate that individuals associated with similar causes have taken action that makes the police feel a need to show-up in such numbers. All of the police sitting around the block looked almost as ridiculous as the parade. I would like to see the same number of police regularly at Parnell’s stopping the drug dealing and prostitution.

  28. MrsD,

    Another one, right in your own neighborhood, is Food For Everyone. Every Sunday at 23rd & Cherry. Lots of anarchists there every week. See, we don’t volunteer at Union Mission Gospel because we don’t think people need to hear about Jesus in order to get food. In fact, there are no conditions for getting free food. Come on down some time and have a chat with some of the folks there. You might be surprised to find out that not all anarchists are white. Some of us are people of color, some of us are queer.

  29. Oh, another one is Teen Feed, in the U district. Not everyone there is an anarchist, but I know quite a few who volunteer there as well.

  30. I would assume that the point is objectification and sexualization via bondage/slavery images of women promotes and accepts a culture in which rape is acceptable.

    I’m shocked that we don’t talk more about rape. It is a huge problem. It is a secret problem. Something like 6 of 10 women have been raped. Rape of boys and men is much less documented, so, who knows how much of that there is. Probably less than 6/10 but who knows.

    I say let’s bring the conversation forward. Let’s make it acceptable to talk about rape and how peoples everyday apathy allows it to continue.

  31. Well put Guy on Lane. The bigger issue is our actual crime problem. Parnell’s is a great place to start.

  32. Oh boy, a big slugfest about who is righteous via boasts about how much volunteer work you do. We are handing out too much. This nonsense about give, give, give only leads naturally to a society of take, take, take. Feeding the pigeons leads to an un-natural and unhealthy overpopulation of pigeons in the city. Same is true with people.

    Some amount of emergency aid is important. I have also been involved in many programs. Until I realized we had gone to far. Let’s help people less. I am commited to not volunteering for any domestic humanitarian cause for another 5 years.

    I will do litter patrol, trail building, sidewalk repairs, and gorilla lawn mowing. I will not join any organization, but instead will act in our neighborhood and places important to me. I will not be feeding people who are not actually unable to feed themselves. I will continue to not give cash to permanent corner drug addicts at Rainier and Dearborn, I-90 and Dearborn, etc.

    Let’s expect people to make a greater effort for themselves. Let’s assume they are capable and willing. I’m going to buy a boat and buy a bunch of stuff for it. I’m going to continue spending a couple thousand dollars a month on stuff, coffee, restaraunts, vehicles, and such. I will buy locally and people who need jobs will get them.

    I’m with GW – Save the world, go buy stuff today.

  33. That space is actually already “occupied” by three of my very good friends who were quite unnerved learning that the previous tenants still had keys to the space that they live, work, and relax in. A massive show of disrespect by these folks towards some otherwise sympathetic people who live in that building currently.

    And no… the door was not open.

  34. se@: Thank you for the well thought out non-insulting post. It is informative and much appreciated. I assume you mean Books To Prisoners, an awesome endeavor. With all the rules regarding sending books to folks in custody (no shiny covers (?!) for books sent to LA county jail), it’s an even more needed resource. If you’re concerned about prisoners and have a reasonably clean record, consider volunteering for the GED program or the high school completion tutoring programs at the various jails. I taught creative writing at Juvie many years ago and, if you’re willing to put aside your own agenda, it can be a fantastic experience for both the volunteer and the kids. I agree with you re UGM, however it is a much used resource which, like it or not, is patronized by more people than it can serve despite the preachy aspect. I wouldn’t deny those folks meals because I don’t agree with UGM’s captive audience approach. When I was a teen a church in the U-district did the same thing. We teens thought it was dumb but didn’t care. We were hungry and appreciated the food and the free clothes.

  35. The point is that we want criminals driven out of the CD. That is the whole point. There is no other point.

  36. Angryowl,

    Please kindly share the point that was missed. I get that people came out to try to bring attention to varying issues of social and economical injustice, but marching to Autonomia and including it in the speech given clearly rung clear in the Tides of Flames’ article that martyrizing Autonomia was a key point.

  37. this is getting absurd. Lord Fanny was raped by a bunch of fascists. Once she became an invisible, she began killing fascists. She dresses like she wants, just like anyone else.

    Ever hear of CeCe McDonald? No, of course not. She was getting attacked, defended herself, killed her attacker, and now she is locked up in a men’s prison.

    If Lord Fanny was real, she’d slap Grumbo in the face, kick him in the nuts, throw him into a puddle of magic mirror, and let him scream in horror at how his mind has been colonized by fascist programming. Same with MrsD and all the other little fascists on these comment threads.

    by the way, invisibles operate in cells of five, corresponding to the four elements and the spirit. you fascists will never beat us.

  38. Hey se@ – read my post more carefully and you’ll see that I do not attack your ideals. The ideals you mention (egalitarianism and cooperation and non-coercive social relations) are all very laudable. They are even enshrined in the Constitution of the United States, a document that I cherish. But if you think that we will ever see a perfect society in this life, you are indeed naive. People “in great numbers” have never lived like this – maybe a small group like a family can attain those ideals.

    BTW, I am NOT an idiot, but perhaps just have more life experience than you. Utopia = Fiction.

  39. OMG now we should really freak out! Invisible cells of five are coming to get us! Lordy god hep us. The people who want no police presence are somehow blaming law abiding citizens for rape and murder. Sorry you are so ill kingmob5.

    I’ll be sitting here curled up all night with my shepard, a bottle of Beefeater, and a barrel of AKs. Huuuh! What was that?!@?

  40. What strike me is that instead of actually going ahead and living a good life these quacks think everyone must change. I’m pretty sure my life is going pretty well as are my neighbors. Anybody that wants to join us can. The down trodden will have to do some seriously hard work, but, they can do it. The biggest problems is all the people telling them they shouldn’t have to work hard – The man has took everything and gots to be made to give it back. Sillyness. Wealth is created by hard work. It evaporates the second you don’t pay attention wether by bank theft, goverment theft, or thug theft. You work hard, pay attention, get ahead, and try and keep the billions of low lifes from taking your stuff. No matter what the system – there are billions of people and even actual cockroaches that want to wreck what you have. American capitalism at least allows you to try. In an anarchist society somebody is going to kick in your teeth and take your stuff before you get out of bed.

  41. Wow! You really are living in a world of make-believe, kingmob! I can’t believe that you would offer this tripe up in support of your “cause” and expect rational people to take you seriously. So, I for one, no longer will take you and the other anarchists seriously, no matter how many times you call us “facsists.”

  42. I am not talking about utopia and I am not a utopian. I am talking about the actual possibility of fighting for a world without coercion and hierarchy–truly an endless fight. I don’t give a fuck if you support these ideals but do nothing to actually bring them into being. And fuck the constitution. It was written by a bunch of rich white fuckers who owned slaves. Don’t be an idiot. The freedom and equality they were talking about was bullshit. Come the fuck on.

    Yes, large numbers of people throughout the world have managed to live cooperatively. Many of them who used to live in what is now the US were murdered under orders from the same rich white fuckers who wrote and also cherished the constitution. I am not saying all native people = perfect egalitarians or anything like that, but many peoples did have ways of life and social relationships that came close to what we call anarchy.

    I do not think the world will ever be perfect but that doesn’t mean I will stop fighting against the things I hate. I find any other way of life to be undignified and unfulfilling.

    Here is a nice quote for you from a nice nonviolent anti-fascist:
    “The real damage is done by those millions who want to ‘survive.’ The honest men who just want to be left in peace. Those who don’t want their little lives disturbed by anything bigger than themselves. Those with no sides and no causes. Those who won’t take measure of their own strength, for fear of antagonizing their own weakness. Those who don’t like to make waves — or enemies. Those for whom freedom, honor, truth, and principles are only literature. Those who live small, mate small, die small. It’s the reductionist approach to life: if you keep it small, you’ll keep it under control. If you don’t make any noise, the bogeyman won’t find you. But it’s all an illusion, because they die too, those people who roll up their spirits into tiny little balls so as to be safe. Safe?! From what? Life is always on the edge of death; narrow streets lead to the same place as wide avenues, and a little candle burns itself out just like a flaming torch does. I choose my own way to burn.” – Sophie Scholl

    Sophie Scholl was a German student, active within the White Rose non-violent resistance group in Nazi Germany. She was convicted of high treason after having been found distributing anti-war leaflets at the University of Munich with her brother Hans. As a result, they were both executed by guillotine.

    What if all the other good Germans had found the dignity and courage to take the risks that Sophie did? What if more had gone further, joined the resistance, and taken up arms against the Nazis? Millions of people have died in Iraq and Afghanistan and you all sit around whining every time anyone does anything to challenge the state and capital because it is easier for you, because you are just trying to “survive.” What world are you leaving for your children? What world are you reproducing daily for yourself, for yourself in 5 years, 10 years, 50 years?

  43. What if more people had taken up arms against….

    Well, let me tell you. I’m the one with a safe full of guns and ammo, not, you. I’m the one that is the 2nd ammendment nut, not you. If the day ever comes that we have to go to civil war – I’ll be the revolutionary, not a bunch of pink haired geeks. How about joining us over hear in the NRA and the Tea Party.

    There is no hierarchy, I ignore that. There is no queen, brits are still idiots. I call the president – Osama and nobody comes and cracks down on me. I get to drive all over the country and travel the world. I can start my own business again if I feel suicidal, or, I can just work for some other guys. I am 98% free. On very rare occasions I wish I could run from UW to Madison via the Lake Shore and find Broadmore in my way, but, I am strong enough to run around Broadmore and I don’t feel a need to bust their heads in about it. Heck I would live in there myself if I could. Now if some huge portion of the world were walled off to me, especially my own city – I would flip out and go an some kind of revolutionary spree, but, it’s not that way man. Everybody likes me. I can hangs out where I pleases. It’s cool. Buy guns while you can. The real revolution will come someday. That day you will need guns, not pink hair. I’ll be waiting for you.

  44. Why in the heck were the locks not changed? That is very disrespectful.
    That is indeed unnerving. I hope your friends are okay and figuring out some sort of resolution to that ordeal.

  45. that’s interesting. The DPD closed that building for all activities, including tenancy, because it lacked commercial zoning and wasn’t built to standard. That was the main reason that Autonomia could no longer operate there.

    so… either you are lying or the landlord is illegally renting the space out again. I wouldn’t be surprised by either..

  46. Bananafruit: I’m talking about rape because the Anarchist publication chose to use as their “look at me look at me” person of overt sexuality someone who is, per his/her history, a victim of rape. Tideofflames and whomever writes the story of Lord Fanny perpetuates the stereotype that victims of rape are over sexualized, bondage related beings with ridiculously sexualized images. The bigger question is, why did Tide of Flames, the Anarchist publication, use this tawdry “look at my sexiness” image as a footer for their recap of recent events. Because: they objectify and marginalize women (newly female, or now) as a way to grab attention. Way to be Republican, supposed Anarchists.

  47. @snacks

    Words of advice…project must be inspected within 12 months or permit expires. I think it can be reissued but, it costs $. I would be worried that the automania folks will rat you out to The Man they are claiming to fight. Good luck.

  48. “Community center use in former non-conforming retail space w/o permit. Non-conforming retail use was discontinued and space was used as a religious facility for 7 years per prop mgr.”

    ^this is why the space lost its license- seven years as a church not as a store. Usage must be continuous.

    “Alterations to existing Market/store per floor plan and subject to field inspector”

    what this means is that there can be no residency in it. First, it lost its commercial license many years ago. Second, its not up to code for use as a dwelling. The landlord is dicking your friends around. The landlord apparently didn’t even have the common sense to change the locks for your friends while “updating” the building.

  49. @ sea@. According to your statement above – you are following the expert advice on the methods that white people must apply to be true allies of brown people. That entire concept is flawed. Brown people do not need or want your help. That is the whole freaking point we should be at right now. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Jews, Arabs, etc are not helpless child savages begging for salvation from the cruel white world. They are people. Equally qualified to function, speak for themselves, etc. You, speaking for “people of color”, “blacks”, “browns”, or what ever is simply the most vile paternalist racist thing around short of genocide. It is wrong in so many ways. It is simply amazing how stupid you must be to be out there helping the downcast brown people. I mean really, how can you not see it? Don’t you see the huge variety of blacks, whites, asians, jews, etc operating businesses, driving trucks, headed to work and back, buying homes and cars and boats. Mind your own business, get a job, quit degrading everybody in a vain effort to show what a great person you are. You are at present a toxic racist idiot vandal that nobody wants around. Much as I appear to be a bit on an ass at times, most people value my contributions to the community. The community wants you to move on. Black people are sickenned by your presence.

  50. Most importantly – the automaturds have been evicted. That’s where the story ends.

  51. Your spot on Grumbo. One bit of advice to responding to these poorly educated spoiled racist children. Never argue with a child. They are not capable of reasoning so ignore them.