Cappy’s is more than just a boxing gym (VIDEO)


Cappy’s Boxing Gym at 22nd and Union is not just a non-profit gym, it’s a proud Central District institution that touts its love for the neighborhood every chance it gets.

Youth programs provide kids with a chance not only to learn how to box, but also to learn about the history of their neighborhood. They can put people on track to fight in the Olympics, but they also aim to extend the lessons of training to the rest of people’s lives.

Cappy’s released the video above recently, and of course you can always donate online or by emailing [email protected].

5 thoughts on “Cappy’s is more than just a boxing gym (VIDEO)

  1. What a great video. I didn’t know Swedish was working with Cappy’s. I love the Sam Owen project. What a wonderful way to use what you know to help people.

  2. Great job Cappys and thanks for doing this in the community. I had no idea you were non profit.

  3. They do a great job of getting people into shape, do participate in the community (not always super-effectively, but they try whole-heartedly) and did have one Olympic hopeful in their gym.

    However, a lack of training expertise that failed to nail down essential fundamentals proved difficult for later coaches to correct and may have made that Olympic attempt more difficult than her talent deserved.

    Great for beginners, for anyone looking to gain muscle and drop pounds, but go elsewhere for expert instruction in boxing.

  4. Wow, those are some crazy high standards. She was five-time national champ before her Olympic run. But that’s not good enough?

    The real sin is that Women’s boxing wasn’t an Olympic sport in 2008, when Queen was first winning national bouts. It’s good they finally corrected that inequity, but think of all the other women who could have competed throughout the years.

  5. My point was instead that instruction in fundamentals matters and if she’d switched trainers earlier she might have done better. No one’s fault, different trainers bring different levels of experience. She changed trainers because she wanted more and different knowledge to make herself more competitive as have male boxers as they move up:

    Cappy’s is a great community place deserving of our full support, it’s a really fun place to work out (never did I love sweating before I went there), it’s also a great place to learn a bit about boxing. And then if you’re going to seriously pursue the sport, it’s good to find another trainer.

    As far as your point regarding women’s boxing – couldn’t agree more.