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Summer Pruning Workshop: Free!

Did you know that there is actually quite a bit of pruning and clean-up you can do to your fruit trees right in the middle of summer?

We’re not talking hard pruning, or life-altering cuts to your trees to reshape them and boost production, but fine tuning that gets them ready for a nice sleep and more fruit next year!

TUESDAY, AUGUST 21st.: 5:30 for chat and sandwiches, 6:00 on the ladders! 
Starts at 733 25th Ave S. 

Join the Colman Neighborhood Community Harvest for a HANDS-ON summer pruning workshop with Don Ricks, of the Piper Orchard. We’ll take a look at some new apple and quince trees, revisit the plum trees we worked on in our Spring Pruning workshop and then go tackle some unruly plums and too-tall pears.

Wear work clothes, bring gloves and pruning tools if you have them. Email [email protected] if you have questions. PS: We will be looking for more volunteers to help us pick fruit to get to the St. Mary’s Food Bank, so if you think community harvest/gleaning is something you have time for, be sure to drop me a line! 

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