Patterson pleads not guilty to murder charge


Andrew Patterson (AKA “AP”) pleaded not guilty to second degree murder today. He remains in custody at King County jail in lieu of $2 million bail.

Patterson, who turned 20 in June, is accused of killing Justin Ferrari at MLK and Cherry in May. Police say he fired a gun at a person who called him a “bitch,” but a bullet struck Ferrari instead as he drove west on Cherry. Ferrari’s parents and children were in the van with him at the time, but were not injured.

Patterson was arrested July 19 in Federal Way after police pieced together evidence from a variety of sources, including eye witnesses, ORCA card data, cell phone location data, an anonymous caller and videos posted to YouTube. To see how police built their case against him, see our previous post.

EastPAC honors case investigators

At last week’s meeting of the East Precinct Advisory Council, the group leaders presented investigators of the Ferrari case with plaques in honor of their work:

Sorry for the blurry photo


22 thoughts on “Patterson pleads not guilty to murder charge

  1. Fired a gun across a crowded street, with intent to injure or kill. GUILTY. Doesn’t matter who it actually hit. He intended to murder someone, and it happened. Then instead of owning up to it, he hid and tried to get away with it. Why does this even need a trial? He should have just taken the sentencing and done his time.

  2. i agree that he should have just entered a guilty plea, and save everyone the expense however, i am sure that his atty was instrumental in having his client file the not guilty plea as i believe that a non guilty plea preserves the option for appeal down the road.

  3. Because the prosecutor must present the evidence and then that evidence is evaluated by the jury to determine if they are certain he did it and do not have reasonable doubts.

    All the “evidence” presented to us in various formats is not worth didly squat. All that counts is what is presented at trial.

    Weirdest thing happened when I was at Broadcast Coffee the other day. A bright red caddy pulls up and a woman comes in to the shop. Out sitting it the car is a young black man wearing a red/black northface jacket, red and black cap, he had corn rows. I was thinking – Are there a bunch of guys doing this – like wearing a hoodie to support the execution of Zimmerman? Or was it Patterson? If it was Patterson – how dumb would he be to still look the same.

    Is Patterson out on bail? Who was the guy in the Red Caddy?

    At this point I would still have reasonable doubts as to who done it. Let’s see all the evidence before we decide. Same with Zimmerman and everyone else charged with a crime. All these yayhooos talking like they know somebody is guilty like a damned lynch mob. I have no problem hanging a guilty man – after a trial by jury.

    Seriously people, what country is this?

  4. Just a formality.
    Also I believe it’s necessary if they want any opportunity for a plea bargain of sorts. If he pleads guilty now, he has no idea what they’ll sentence him to. If he goes to trial he may have options.

    It doesn’t mean he’s not guilty and it doesn’t mean they don’t have enough to convict him either. In fact, it really doesn’t mean anything unless he was so remorseful that he wanted to own up to it and face the consequences. But (if he did it) that would assume being RESPONSIBLE, and feeling remorse. I’ll leave the rest to your own assumptions.

  5. Patterson is still in King County jail in lieu of $2 million bail.

    And while I also hope police did in fact catch the person responsible, that’s what the judicial process is for. It doesn’t help anyone to punish the wrong person, and the evidence we have seen so far is no smoking gun, beyond a reasonable doubt case. We’ll have to wait to see the rest of the prosecution’s case (and, just as importantly, the defense’s case) if it goes that far.

  6. woah, voice of reason Gumbo? Never thought I’d say it but I agree that we need to calm the hell down and let the justice system do it’s thing, there are many faults to this country but at least we have a working judicial system. I know from personal experience.
    Note; I have teenagers who often walk unaccompanied to Broadcast coffee and hang out with their friends in Spruce Park. Please remember that all of those young men in hoodies, with cornrows, ect have parents somewhere who love them. Think two, three times before you do a profile of them, especially you middle aged white guys who have a concealed weapons carry permit, my sons’ lives are literally in your hands.

  7. Some of the posts on this website get very racist and very scary… I’m concerned about all of our safety in the CD, but now, especially young black teenagers who are being profiled out of fear and paranoia.

  8. Yes, I agree we need to slow down. I was just thinking for instance what if white women 55+, short graying hair, about 5’5″ were a profiled in Seattle. In fact I think perhaps I am sometimes mistaken for one of the others who fit that description. If one of the other people who fit that description takes a deplorable action, should we all be looked at as suspicious.

  9. Well Joanna, as you know, many of us are opposed to your people.

    I’m not sure how much of this “profiling” is really going on. In fact it is just this generation’s buzzword that you can put on something. Eventually it will mean gay. The real conversation is about racial disharmony and racism. We are not all alike. Sometimes the differences are correlated to race and we naturally notice and enhance the differences.

    “Profiling”, I think, is more of a personal choice than an instutional approach. Bad ass black guys where red and black, let their pants hang down, and walk with a limp/hop (like a rabbit that has been hit by a bus). So, lot’s of local kids also start to hobble around with their pants hanging down so we might think they too are bad asses. White kids to – remember mullets, cockeyed ball caps, zipper pants, shaved heads and chained wallets. Some groups are more extreme at profiling themselves than others – certain religious sects that where a special hat (look at me, I’m different and God likes us better!) People in Suites – Look at me I’m trying to act like I have money, power, and success, even though I just work at KG Menswear. Or in Joanna’s case uh, well, I don’t know. Joanna – how would you profile yourself – What are you trying to pull off.

    I’ll try me. Trying to pull of the angry white man thing. A real “Falling Down” fan. But still trying to go for that Springsteen look even though he looks like heck today. Trying to to look like the patsy liberals that are going for that Kazinski look (Eyes). They even manage to make their homes look like a Kazinski Shack.

    Don’t want to be profiled? Then stop profiling yourself.

  10. What CD are you living in, pdonahue, that “middle aged white guys” are a problem?

  11. Tom – I have to bristle when I hear that anyone is expecting in any criminal case for evidence that is “smoking gun, beyond a reasonable doubt.” The two are not the same. The smoking gun happens on TV, but rarely in reality. Sadly, people believe that the crime technology from TV (a) exists, and (b) is funded. There is nothing like CSI in real life. However, the public has come to expect smoking gun cases. “Where’s the film of him shooting the gun? Where’s the DNA on the victim?” etc. The Casey Anthony case comes to mind. The jury, wanted even more “smoking gun” evidence than body residue in her car, endless lies from the mom pretending the kid was alive, tape on the kid’s mouth from inside the mom’s garage, etc. TV has made people have a completely unrealistic expectation of trials, courts, police interaction, etc. Another good example is when you are and are not required to be read your rights. Most people have that info dead wrong as well – due to TV.

    We don’t know ALL of the evidence against this kid thus far. What we do know is that there were multiple witnesses, at least one anonymous tipster, Orca card records, film from the bus of him wearing the murder outfit which matches the outfit he wore in the youtube video, cell phone pings tracking his movements from before, during and after the shooting, etc. And of course MORE info will come out at trial. So we should all wait and see what both the prosecution AND the defense have to offer. We should not, however, confuse “beyond a reasonable doubt” with the requirement that there be “smoking gun” evidence. The two are not the same.

  12. “Proof beyond a reasonable doubt does not mean proof beyond all doubt; the law does not require absolute certainty on the part of the jury before it returns a verdict of guilty. The law requires that, after hearing all the evidence, if there is something in the evidence or lack of evidence that leaves in your minds, as reasonable men and women, a reasonable doubt as to the guilt of the accused, then the accused must be given the benefit of that doubt and acquitted.”

  13. Too be honest, I have been doing a little profiling myself ever since the Zimmerman shooting. I notice and make mental notes of the location and habits of bald headed white guys who walk my neighborhood looking “suspicious”. It’s all relative to what your used too.
    Now, young men who do the shuffle with their saggy pants are basically harmless fixtures of the CD who ignore me when I’m walking my dog or weeding the garden, didn’t always used to be that way, BTW. Same with the prostitutes that work the street on Yesler, the runners for drug dealers who hopefully engage me with a w’sup? the two junkies who wander up and down the block on their mysterious errands. None of them bother me in the least.
    Yeah, I steer clear of restless groups of males congregating at night on the corner, I engage in a little ‘turf war’ with punks who think spruce mini park playground is a good place to drink a 40oz and act like a jerk, I will shine a flashlight on anybody parking their car in my alley at night, chase kids smoking cigarettes off the front steps, have been known to sit down beside obvious dope deal transactions at the bus stop and start an imaginary conversation on my cell phone. We all make assessments and judgements of eachother in the street, it’s just human nature. We even act on them in ways that may even be inappropriate.
    What woke me up was the realization that George Zimmerman was a Block Watch Captain. A concerned citizen just like a lot of people who comment on this page and walk around the CD giving my kids the hairy eyeball. Forgive me, but I profile these people now. Not your fault, a personal prejudice of mine that i need to work on, kind of like a lot of other stereotypes that have a grain of truth piled on top of a lot misunderstanding and ignorance. Convince me that I’m wrong, I beg you.

  14. I understand your point, and I agree that a “smoking gun” and “beyond a reasonable doubt” are not the same thing. I was responding to people above who seemed ready to flip the switch based on the probable cause document (an attempt to urge people to be patient and see what other evidence exists).

  15. Not wrong at all PD. You pick some battles and let some others go. I think you are on to the key areas – basic checks of the alley are pretty important. I am a balding white guy that will occasionally look in on your zone, and I am very out of place in areas like Kings as I cruise up and down the blocks looking at the places we read about here. Not looking for trouble, just getting a feel for the CD. The criminals definatly get nervous about me. Regular kids don’t seem to care much.

    I’ve got things in my normal zone of influence (About 3 blocks out) worked out enough that I have even moved the prostitutes out and am expanding my turf out to about 10 blocks – and seeing what to prioritize. I am definatly balding and checking out your zone to see what is there, once in a while. 10 blocks covers a lot of ground. Definately takes me out of the JP.

    Still not real sure what to work on. Dopers around Judkins Park are of interest, but, I haven’t spent enough time on that. Jackson from 23 to MLK son seems to be pretty rough. So I work a loop sometimes from Judkins up Dearborn to 26th and back on Jackson, with some forays out from there sometimes as far as Cherry.

    I don’t think you are doing anything wrong. Keep in mind that there doesn’t seem to be people hunting down kids or what ever. The killings have been pretty definable as either insanity or gangs. There aren’t any old white guys running around shooting blacks or blacks targetting whites. I think we can rest pretty well that racism is not at a violent stage, barring any over reactions to national events. Keep up the good work. I think we are working towards the same goal.

  16. Gangbangers have no patience. They have to win their battle right now. Zimmerman and Martin probably experienced the same thing that night. Neither one of them decided to just go home. They had to be the man and have it out right then. I doubt that Zimmerman was out hunting black kids. He impatient. He wanted to solve something right now. Martin too. He was offended and had to deal with it right there.

    Patterson? Did he do the shooting? Patience will let us find out. Who ever did the shooting just couldn’t wait another day.

    Here’s how I do block watch. I stand there and watch. 99% of criminals go away after 5 minutes. Normal people going about there business smile and say hi – all colors, all ages. That’s all you have to do. Just watch and go home. Don’t get all worked up and pick a fight.

  17. The biggest danger to young, black men, statistically, is other young black men. There’s a better life expectancy in prison than on the streets for a young, black man in the CD. When was the last time a white vigilante killed black people in the CD? Ridiculous.

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