Man on couch shot in leg when gunfire strikes 27th and Spring house

Ten shots rang out near 27th and Spring around 4:45 a.m. July 7, as noted in this community post by CDer. A 44-year-old man was struck in the leg while sitting on a couch inside the house. His injuries were not life-threatening.

There were several people inside the house at the time of the shooting, but nobody else was injured. One of the bullets went through the front door and struck the victim in the leg while he was on the couch. He told police he heard the shots, then felt pain in his leg. He moved to kitchen, where he laid down of the ground until medics and police arrived. He did not know why anyone would shoot at the house.

He was treated at the scene and transported to the hospital.

Nobody in the house saw the suspect or any suspect vehicles.

Commenters described the shots as very quick, almost like the gun used was an automatic. However, police say the shots came from a handgun.

8 thoughts on “Man on couch shot in leg when gunfire strikes 27th and Spring house

  1. “He did not know why anyone would shoot at the house.”

    Really?!?!? You sure about that? Absolutely no clue why someone would shoot a gun at the house? Just completely out of the blue? Not even an inkling? Nothing? Clearly sir, you are shocked and appalled that these ‘random’ acts of violence are being directed at the houses on the corner of 27th and Spring.

    You get 3 guesses as to why someone would shoot at those houses…and 2 of the guesses won’t even count! You, sir, are either willfully ignorant or someone who practices cognitive dissonance at a very high level. And nobody is impressed with either of these abilities.

  2. I’m sure it was one of those FOX news watching NRA member vigilantees that have been plaguing our city.

  3. Yeah, I’m sure he’d be willing to admit why someone would want to shoot at his house, as any reason would likely be illegal. Not sure why you are so surprised though…unless you were the one doing the shooting.

  4. So a guy laying on a couch, sleep, shots fired outside the house, and you expect this guy to know who or why this happened. Im trying to figure out why or how a man who got shot in his sleep, inside, on a couch, was supposed to see the shooter or know why they were shooting? I wish I was born as ignorant as thee above writer. That is dumber than any comment Grumbo has ever made on here. you my friend are an

  5. @JimmyCap – clearly I should have used ⸮ (to indicate an ironic or sarcastic statement). Sorry you were unable to pick up on that. And no…I didn’t shoot at the house.

    @uppitypothead – “I wish I was born as ignorant as thee above writer.” Clearly you don’t know what ignorant means. Maybe your pot-induced haze has clouded your perception. Or maybe you’re willfully ignorant.


  6. The implication, screen name uppitypothead, is that the house is connected to crime and has been for years (see comments in the 1st post on this story) and thus the shooting was likely done by someone known to the occupants, due to some crime beef.

  7. I was asleep in bed with my children across the hall when shots rang out. I jumped up to check on my children. Stray bullets have no name, we see the senseless killing that happened on 27th ans Cherry. month ago taking a father and husband. I really am disgusted with the neighbors they are a plague on what would be an awesome block with out them. Where are the solutions? What do we need to do as a community to get the gun violence out? I am all in, my family deserves a safe house to live in.