Lost Cat – Black – Chaos

I have not seen my cat since the fourth of July when he probably got scared from all the fireworks.  He is a medium sized black cat named Chaos, he has a name tag on him with my phone number and address.  He is a very friendly cat who is unafraid of running up to you and begging for attention.

6 thoughts on “Lost Cat – Black – Chaos

  1. What are cross streets near you? I walk a lot with my toddler and we both stop and pet cats whenever we see them. It would be great to have an idea where to look.

  2. My neighbor found my cat yesterday. He was unresponsive curled up under a bush in the front yard. We immediately took him to vet and he is having surgery today removing two absesses one the size of a baseball on his belly and the other on his back. Poor kitty! He comes home from the hospital tomorrow afternoon!

  3. We don’t know you but we do know your extremely friendly cat! My daughter, who is now 4, used to love to walk by and look for Chaos whenever we were on 20th. Chaos, with his identifying collar, was the first cat that let her pet him.

    All the best.