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Karate and Self Defense For Women – Starting This Week

The Feminist Karate Union ( is a local non profit karate school that was founded in 1971 (on Jackson between 15th and 16th).  We are hosting its next introductory karate series for women starting on Thursday July 19th and running 8 weeks.  This series, Karate 101, introduces basic karate and self-defense to women who may be interested in seeing what karate and martial arts are all about in a safe non-judgmental atmosphere with other martial artist women..

Karate 101 is the Feminist Karate Union’s new 8 week beginners’ program. On a series of Thursday evenings you will learn the basics of this traditional art; increase your fitness, coordination, and balance; and practice some practical and highly effective self-defense skills. You can attend any one of our classes on  Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday with all levels of students. We are offering these classes at a substantial discount ($99 for the 8 weeks).  See the Karate 101 link at:

If you are unable to come for the first class, don’t worry!  We would love to negotiate with you to help you discover your strongest self.  We have found that students tend to enjoy learning with other beginners, so that everyone is learning the basics at the same time. 

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  1. Don’t want this to bet burried. Some of you should take advantage of this opportunity. A few stronger, better prepared people can make a difference.