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Get Involved in International Youth Leadership Programs

Traveling abroad is great, but there are also ways of making international connections from the comfort of your own home. One of the most enjoyable of these is by playing host to an international student, especially when that student has been hand-selected from thousands to participate in leadership development programs in the United States. This summer the World Affairs Council is honored to welcome four such outstanding groups of high-school and college students to Seattle over the course of July and August. Many of these students have never visited the United States: some have never been outside their country. WAC has consistently found homestays to be one of the highlights of students’ time in the U.S., serving as a home away from home for youth visitors. As such, WAC is looking for warm and welcoming individuals and families interested in broadening their own horizons and connecting with the world leaders of tomorrow to host these exceptional students during their time in Seattle. Hosts who open their homes to students can expect to learn almost as much as students do, and are sure to make connections that last a lifetime!

High School Students from Mexico
July 20-August 4 (15 nights)

This program brings high school students from Mexico dedicated to learning new ways of tackling their communities’ most endemic issues of violence and substance abuse prevention and creating a culture of lawfulness.

College Students from the Middle East
July 28-August 2 (5 nights)

This program brings college students representing almost every country in the Middle East for a short visit to Seattle to learn how philanthropy and social enterprise models can be used effectively to support community needs.

Soccer Coaches and Players from Zambia
August 10-15 (7 nights)

Building from Zambia’s phenomenal win in the Africa Soccer Cup this year, this program brings soccer leaders from every region in Zambia to Seattle in order to enhance their leadership and technical soccer skills through workshops.

High School Students from Iraq
August 2-13 (11 nights)

This is a group of motivated Iraqi high school students coming to Seattle to explore issues of multicultural diversity, environmental awareness, social justice, digital media, and youth leadership.

To help us show these visitors the very best of our city, contact Rachel Paris-Lambert ([email protected]) for more information!

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