Cappy’s gives Queen Underwood’s sister Olympic tickets, you can help her get there

Cappy’s Boxing Gym at 22nd and Union is the place where Queen Underwood built her strength in the ring. But before the Garfield grad ever faced a boxing challenger, she and her sister Hazzauna were facing a much different challenge as survivors of sexual assault by their father.

Now, with Queen in London getting ready to claim her gold medal, Cappy’s has decided to give their Olympic tickets to Hazzauna so she can root for her sister in person. From Cappy’s Facebook page:

Cappy’s Boxing Gym is thrilled to be part of the Road to Gold. History in the making and Hazzauna Underwood will be there to witness it! Good luck Queen Underwood!

A commenter on the Cappy’s post says you can help Hazzauna get there by pitching in on a (probably expensive at this point) plane ticket. See how here.


13 thoughts on “Cappy’s gives Queen Underwood’s sister Olympic tickets, you can help her get there

  1. Arline customer relations departments give gratis tickets to people who write to them with a compelling story. I did that job (answer the letters asking for free tickets) at an airline some years ago, and we gave away a lot of tickets for funerals, people going to special olympics, disabled people going to a wedding, etc. Someone should write British Air, United, etc. and ask for gratis tickets for this young lady.

  2. Hope that works and good luck hope you make it in time!!! thats something special to go see!! If i could help I certainly would.

  3. I have a whole bunch of British Air air miles. I’m pretty sure more than enough to get a round trip ticket…. I’d be willing to use them and my account to help with this. Poking around on BA web site last night it looks like there are flights out that aren’t blocked yet, but maybe not flights back, though considering the circumstances they might be flexible if they were called in person?

  4. I heard back from Hazzauna – she was able to purchase her ticket and will be on her way. Best of luck to Queen! I’m sure the whole neighborhood will be cheering her on.

  5. Wishing you both the best of luck in London.

    Have the times of her matches been determined and it would be so nice if CDNews could post?

  6. Just met the “Greatest” – sounds like she’s already having an amazing time. If you’re interested in reading about her Olympic experience, Friend her.