Man restrained with TV electrical cord and robbed in his Madrona home

A man was robbed at knife point by an acquaintance at his Madrona home May 30, he told police. A neighbor called police after he heard the victim yell, “You’re going to stab me and kill me in my own apartment,” according to the police report. The caller told dispatch his neighbor was on his back porch with his hands tied behind his back.

When police arrived and freed his hands, the victim told police a man he met a few days earlier at BluWater Bistro came to his home near 33rd and Spring sometime after 2 a.m. A friend had told him earlier that the suspect was “sketchy,” but he hung out with the suspect anyway. He doesn’t know how the suspect knew his address.

When he told the suspect he was tired and asked him to leave, the suspect became angry and started yelling, “What do you have that I want?”

The suspect pushed him to the ground and tied his hands with what the victim believes was the electrical cord to the TV. The suspect then dragged him to the bathroom and told him to kneel in the bathtub. He then hit the victim with a hair brush and told him not to move. After a few minutes, the suspect left the home.

The victim sustained injuries to his face from being thrown to the ground and against walls in the house. Medics said he might have had a mild concussion, as well.

The suspect stole a 42 inch TV and the victim’s 2000 light blue Ford Expedition.

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