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FOUND: Black & white dog found wandering near Madrona Park

A lovely black and white dog was wandering along Lake Washington Boulevard today, looking very confused, and causing concern among the drivers. I pulled over and coaxed her to go along with me to my car, and called a number on her collar. Its only been a few hours, but I’m sure her owners are anxious to have her back. Please email for my number if you know of anyone looking for her. She is mostly white with a black face, ears, and tail. She is probably an English Setter, but I could be mistaken. My email address is:

[email protected]

Thanks for the help!


6 thoughts on “FOUND: Black & white dog found wandering near Madrona Park

  1. I saw signs for a missing deaf dog. Kinda like a Gordon setter. Black, roan, and some white. Maybe olderish, but, just saw it on a telephone pole. If that sounds right, post and I’ll go get the number from the pole.

  2. My boyfriend ended up getting ahold of te nanny at the family’s house and returned the dog. It sounds exactly like the one from the posting, but apparently the dog is just loose during the day, and it seems as though they’re not concerned about it. When I picked her up it was because she was wandering in traffic on Lk. WA Blvd., and cars were stopped waiting for her to get out of the way. She’s 13 years old, pretty much can’t hear, and certainly doesn’t have the reflexes to dodge cars… But, hey, she’s not my dog, and it seems her owners are comfortable with their decisions. Thanks for your help. :-)

  3. Their reaction is disappointing. Hopefully they were more concerned than they outwardly let on and take steps to prevent her from meandering the streets alone in the future.

  4. The nanny actually didn’t realize that the dog has wandered so far from the house. It wasn’t actually that far, only 4-5 blocks, but its a busy road. The dog usually stays near the house, or close to the neighbor’s houses, but they moved recently, & she’s not a young dog, so I think she’s disoriented about her new neighborhood. I was concerned because the dog seemed so out of it, & looked hungry & disheveled, but I think I misinterpreted elderliness for mis-treatment. I just didn’t want to leave her wandering the streets, & didn’t know what else to do but take her with me. It all turned out ok. :-)

  5. Honestly I think they should be reported to Seattle Animal control for allowing the dog to roam without a leash. It’s going to get killed.