3 thoughts on “Feds to prosecute more gun-crimes from Seattle

  1. The federalis are coming to save us! We can all feel save now that Obombus is here to deal with guns. Thank God they are finally running the local police off and bringing in the FBI or something. Uhh, actually, what are they bringing? Nothing. Nothing at all. What kind of a sick joke is this? Man what a bunch of s36t.

  2. They’ll probably bring the president’s (o-bomb-um) favorite spy toy, the drone, so they can raid homes for selling legal medical marijuana. And since they have so much access to drugs (our troops are guarding opium in Afghanstad)we’ll probably see more drug crimes. Maybe they’ll pull another “fast and furious.” That’s all we need is a bunch of nazi’s running around policing us and censoring our free speech and taking away our guns to protect ourselves, next they’ll be taking away good citizen’s guns and then they go after your property rights! Govt keeps shipping out our jobs and ships in the drugs. People are so stupid, they don’t even realize that they’re being socially engineered. The gangs are socially engineer for a life in prison and the others are socially engineered to be obedient slaves looking for the government to save them. How is the govt going to save you when the govt is bought and paid for by multi-national corporations who are still shipping our jobs over seas? Do you really think corporations care about people? No, they’re the reason we’re at war. Osama bin ladin is dead, but we’re going around bullying: Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iran. I happen to like Africans and people of many colors, but it doesn’t look like our Obomb-um does! Making deals with Russia. What next? Idiots who watch tv thinks things are getting better; it is owned by 6 major multi-national corporations who make big money off of wars, drugs, and taking property. The govt put our national parks up as colateral to China a long time ago. Turn off the idiot box tv and educate yourself. Learn something from great historians! Stop buying into the racist propaganda they sell us on tv. The elite are the problem-not the average muslin, Mexican, black, or white person. WE ALL NEED EACH MORE THAN EVER NOW! We don’t need big govt!