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Stolen Cycling Equipment

I wanted to let everyone know that my brother had some high end cycling

equipment stolen out of his condo storage unit up on the Sammamish plateau

recently. I’m passing the word on as there is a large cycling community here in

Seattle and so I’m hoping someone has suggestions or can at least keep an eye

out for any of the following items:

1. Zipp 900 Carbon Fiber Disc-wheel

2. Davidson Custom Built-Track Bike (Blue fade to blue with name painted on


3. Cannondale R600 Road Bike (Purple and black, 1995, Shimano Integra parts,

speedplay sticker on frame)

4. Set of Mavic Cosmic Carbon Fiber Hybrid Road Wheels (Shimano Ultegra


5. Set of Specialized Carbon-Fiber Tri-Spoke Race wheels (Track hubs)

My brother used to compete so there is a lot of sentimental value attached for

him as well. We are really hoping that it will show up in a pawn shop or

someone will recognize that this likely doesn’t belong to those trying to sell

it. If by any chance someone recognizes these bikes, my email is


 and phone number is 360.224.4342. Thanks so much.

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