Man charged after DEA raid on his 18th/Spruce apartment had rifle aimed at street

Bernard Mustafa III had an estimated $200,000 worth of suspected Fentanyl, loads of cash and a rifle attached to a tripod on the kitchen table aimed at the street below his 18th and Spruce apartment, according to court documents posted by Seattle Weekly. He was arrested April 19 and is now facing drug and weapon charges in US District Court.

DEA agents say they found about 20 grams of Fentanyl in Mustafa’s apartment. While that may not sound like much, Fentanyl is an extremely potent narcotic — 80 to 100 times the strength of morphine — and is typically measured in micrograms. One gram can make about 4 ounces of sellable mix, and each ounce of mix can go for $1,000 on the street, the documents say (an excellent 2011 story by the Stranger notes a much lower selling point).

Though Fentanyl is still rare in comparison to herion, it is sometimes cut into heroin. This can have deadly results because the strength of hits can vary dramatically depending on how much Fentanyl is in each one.

In addition to the rifle pointed at the street (it was not loaded), agents also found a second rifle, a handgun and a bullet-proof vest. In addition to the large amounts of cash, he also had some gold coins and a diamond locked in one of two safes in his apartment.

4 thoughts on “Man charged after DEA raid on his 18th/Spruce apartment had rifle aimed at street

  1. 2 more down in that vile little corner near Pratt Park. Let’s run them all out. Report creeps daily.

  2. We have been assured by some of our citizens, whom we must now discount as completely naive, that the activities around Pratt Park are perfectly safe and explainable. The frequent meet and greets on the street are actually just nephews and uncles exchanging loving palm embraces. The DEA is blowing this whole thing way out of proportion. We all have guns aiming out to the street. It is an expression of our freedom to do what ever we want. Let’s all come down and make sure this isn’t another smear on a vulnerable and innocent couple of men.

  3. You can’t run out our entire culture. That is called genocide you punks.

  4. These guts were previousy convicted felons. That is why the guns were illegal.