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drug dealing in sam smith park/bus shelter

Today, I became aware of a trio of drug dealers( crack dealers) working out of sam smith park and the bus shelter nearest to sam smith park @ the traffic light. (between massachusetts and Irving st.) I notified the SPD.  I encourage this community to plz  take the time to call 911  and report all illegal activity you may witness  @ this public place . It is our responsibility to protect our own community  .Because of the proximity to the elementary school and daycare  and a public park  I belive this is a very urgent issue  and we must heighten our awareness and notify authorities to assist in to nipping this activity in the bud right now, to prevent  future potential injuries to innocent bystanders esp. the children in those schools. STOP ACCEPTING DRUG DEALING AS A NORM IN THE CENTRAL DISTRICT. STAND UP FOR DRUG FREE PUBLIC AREAS AND YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD..CALL 911. AND KEEP CALLING INTO YOU GET RESULTS.

12 thoughts on “drug dealing in sam smith park/bus shelter

  1. I know that traditional thinking says call the police. But hasn’t there been a drug problem there for over 30 yrs.? The police aint going to do shit. If you want your neighborhood then take it. Start going on regular walks, speak to the consumer and the provider. If you let your presence be known then they will be more uncomfortable about you, than you are them! At the end of the day they are still human beings who have been miss guided. And clearly the police, and jails are not good deterrent’s, or there would not still be a “War on Drugs”. You don’t have to be confrontational, angered, or aggressive, Just simply walk pass and say “Hi” that is going to be enough to make them want to move there activities. You have to understand that at this point if anybody is still providing that type of service in an open air market, then they by far are not that intelligent and you can confuse them with a smile. although it may sound as if I’m being sarcastic, but try it for a week and promise, you will start to see change!

  2. Why is that what you are saying? Sounds like your trying to prove something.

  3. call 206-anarchy if you see any yuppies – stop accepting gentrification as normal.

  4. Yup. I’ve been seeing alot of yuppies. Teachers mostly. Some hetersexual teacher couples, but, more lesbians really. Young, educated, kind of hot in a depressing drab seattle kind of way. These professional teachers are what’s bringing the neighborhood down. I also know a couple that is are engineers that moved in. She’s one of those snotty environmental engineering save the world types and he’s one of those civil build a bridge types that always working on neighborhood improvement projects. Midwesterners, so, a little better looking than us but way to professional. And they bought one of those stinking prius’s. God I hate them. We don’t want any more professionals or young people here in the CD. It makes me sick how they are building small conservative little town houses efficiently into our gloriously beatifull utopia of asbestos sided 1940 houses. Their used to be a crack house next door. Now I gotta watch these guys cooking vegggie burgers and drinking ESB. I’m going to go out back and have a couple PBRs before I say something offensive that they might read and then set their old little dog after me again. Get a real dog people.

  5. Posted by a white anarchist in the CD complaining about white people moving in to the CD. Hilarious.


    Amen, Lookieloo! Amen!