CDN Pics: 2012 May Day March for Immigrants and Workers

The annual May Day March for Immigrants and Workers gathered outside St. Mary’s Church near Judkins Park Tuesday afternoon for a 5 p.m. march to the Federal Building downtown. Thousands took to the streets to demand justice for all workers.

Despite some widely-reported instances of vandalism earlier in the day, the march — organized by El Comite Pro-Reforma Migratoria y Justicia Social — did not have any property destruction or violence, as some feared.

Below are some photos of the march. Did you take any? Leave them in the comments.


3 thoughts on “CDN Pics: 2012 May Day March for Immigrants and Workers

  1. there is an continues to be violence and assault on immigrant workers through security enforcement. end S-Comm now!

  2. Being arrested is state approved minimal use of force. Arrest procedures can be considerred violent, but, the are usually lawful and appropriate. This is the United States of America. As we see in the pictures above this group represents the united International Socialists. Also present is the Communist Party. These political positions are an accepted part of our relatively free society.

    Workers are not being beat down by Pinkertons or the Police. Workers in America are doing very well. We are virtually all rich, depending on who you compare youself to.

    Clearly the Latin migration to the USA shows that working conditions in America are preferable and that this is not so much about workers rights as it is about immigration rights. That is for Americans to determine and we are already extremely liberal in our allowances.

    If this was about workers rights you would see Unions represented in the march. Unions have distanced themselves and protected themselves from being usurped by socialists, communists, and anarchists.

    Legal immigrant workers have specific rights and conditions of their visa. Persons who have enterred the country unlawfully are subject to arrest and deportation accoding to our laws. Don’t let this rally call by the International Socialist fool you into thinking this is about anything besides extreme left politics and agitation by the terminally unsatisfied nuts. They live for the Anarchists to show up and then draw comparison from that – rather than standing next to the center majority.

  3. I watched the march and walked around the rally, SEIU was present as was IWLA, but I do not know if this was a union sanctioned event. Unions tend to either few immigrants as new paying members, or as taking our jerbs.

    There were a lot of commies present though, a few people tried to hand me copies of Revolutionary Worker and other socialist papers, I politely replied “No thank you, I am violently opposed to communism.” and they scurried away quickly.