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Taqueria Tres Reyes is back at Union Market

I saw the hand written sign out front this morning and now I am enjoying a couple of Mulitas for lunch. For the time being the Taco stand is sharing the kitchen with the Union Market Teryaki counter.

I have no idea which of the many rumors about the truck’s demise are true but I was told that the rent was too damn high.

Anyway it is good to see them making a go of it again.


14 thoughts on “Taqueria Tres Reyes is back at Union Market

  1. I enjoy Tres Reyes. And based on what I’ve observed when going by on Union, many other people do too.

    Glad they are back!

  2. I just walked into the Union Market and was so delighted to see Mayra Ordonez from Taqueria 3 Reyes in the kitchen. It’s the same great food we all love from the taco truck, just moved into the Union Market. She handed me a business card so if you want your food ready to go, you can give her call.

  3. Our household was sad when they disappeared.
    Thanks to Union Market for sharing their space and I hope this works well for both parties.
    Thanks to Taquiera Tres Reyes for coming back.
    We’ll see you soon!

  4. I walked by today and there is now a new yellow taco trailer where Tres Reyes use to be, it has not opened yet.

    Will there be a taco price war?

  5. I saw it too, it was TacoCityUSA. I think they’re the ones that used to be at the gas station at Union & 23rd?

    As for a price war, I can’t imagine paying them any less than $1/taco, I’d feel guilty!

  6. I spoke to a guy at the service station and he said that on monday the truck in his lot would be open … I’m not sure how I feel about this. Do we have enough traffic to support 2 taco vendors?

  7. I love the idea of the two buisnesses joining forces. Taco city needs to find a different location. Its just dumb.

  8. they are $1.25 now and she has a larger size for $2. .. she is so sweet, glad to have her back.

  9. Ann & Mayra are a great team, they are both very nice people who love good food! Team 3 Reyes!