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President Obama’s Re-Election Headquarters for Seattle Coming to Jackson Place

President Obama’s Presidential re-election headquarters for the City of Seattle is coming to Jackson Place. The grand opening is 3:30 Pm this Thursday at 901 Rainier Ave. S. at the corner of S. Charles St. and Rainier Ave. S.

EDITOR’S UPDATE: The Obama campaign website has more details on the headquarters launch party, which will feature Democratic candidate for governor Jay Inslee:

On Thursday, May 3, please join Organizing for America-Washington and Jay Inslee for Governor as we open our new Seattle headquarters!

Come learn how to get involved, and meet Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chair of the Democratic National Committee, and Jay Inslee, the next Governor of Washington State.

Thursday, May 3, 2012 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM
OFA Washington
Contact Phone:
206 395 2116
NEW Seattle Campaign Headquarters (Seattle, WA)

901 Rainier Ave S
Seattle, WA98144

12 thoughts on “President Obama’s Re-Election Headquarters for Seattle Coming to Jackson Place

  1. Newflash– white people live in the CD too and lots of white people love Obama too. So, what was your point again?

  2. I just watched an ad that; targeted the Jewish voter; The end line of the comercial was “we can do better in this election than Barack Obama”
    The counter ad will say maybe we can do better than Barack Obama. But
    not in this election. This will let the disenchanted Obama voters know that although he did something they did not like he is still the only logical choice in the upcoming election. I am not fully happy with Obama; but the alternative is worse.

  3. Hi ,
    I am a PCO for the 11th Dist Democrats and am making my plans to canvass my precinct. Can you please tell me where to go to pick up some leaflets for President Obama’s campaign to hand out? Do you have a Bellevue office? Thanks!

    Terry A Cockrill
    PCO 11th Dist Democrats
    Fairwood Precinct

  4. The State of Washington’s electoral votes will go to Obama.

    Try not to create too much garbage posters and leaflets. Your efforts would be better spent in Nevada, Ohio, or Florida.

    Focus on something that will make a difference. Perhaps the Govenors race. That seems borderline and kind of scary. So far Inslee comes across as a pretty dumb guy. See if you can present some intelligent argument for him.

  5. Of course WA goes to Obama, but the more votes they can round up for Obama… well, won’t that be better for Inslee? That’s probably the thinking. I think drumming up turnout for the presidential election does affect the governor’s race (not that kind of race).