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Grady’s been found now! Thank you so much CD! This neighborhood rocks!

Please help! Grady is missing! He’s an 11-year-old Australian Shepherd. He’s a red merle (brown and white splotched with brown eyes). He’s a total love and will come if you call his name (or any other name for that matter). He has a red collar with white sock monkeys on it. He’s been micro-chipped so any vet or shelter can find us. He went missing about 5 p.m., Monday, April 9th out of a side gate that was slightly ajar. In the past, he’s never left his yard or shown any signs of wanting to leave his yard! He lives at 954 21st Avenue, half block south of Central Cinema.

Please call Lori at 206-805-9978 or Daniel at 206-227-0001. Please help us find our best friend!!!

2 thoughts on “Grady’s been found now! Thank you so much CD! This neighborhood rocks!

  1. We got Grady back. He’d followed this wonderful guy home and was all the way over at 22nd and Jackson! Poor guy, we went to pick Grady up and I burst into tears when I saw him, and I was so happy I hugged him! Now Grady and his sock-monkey collar are safe at home tonight and we’re all eating Ezell’s to celebrate. Good lesson to these long-time pet owners. When you get a new collar, get the phone number onto it immediatel! Thanks, too, to our neighbors Scott, and Bailey, and Amy, and Steve, and Susan, and Chris for all scouring the blocks looking for him. This neighborhood rocks!