Med Mix is open at 23rd and Union (and they’re already busy)

Med Mix is open at 23rd and Union, serving up everything from fried chicken to gyros to, yes, Philly cheesesteak sandwiches.

I swung by about an hour and a half after they opened their doors, and the dining room was already full of eager falafel and chicken eaters. The staff was clearly still getting their bearings in the new space (figuring out the computers, etc), yet they pumped out orders surprisingly fast. I hardly had time to craft a clever Tweet before they called my number. Not bad for a first day open!

Med Mix has completely renovated the space, which was previously occupied by the Beehive Bakery. Before that, the space sat empty ever since the 2008 shooting of Philly’s Cheese Steak owner Dejene Berecha.

In other corner news, I saw a truck unloading kegs next door to the Neighbor Lady. So either Key Bank is throwing a massive party, or the Neighbor Lady is getting close to opening

30 thoughts on “Med Mix is open at 23rd and Union (and they’re already busy)

  1. The gyros are great, and the fried chicken is superb. What a great addition to the corner.

  2. I’m going to stop in and try this place for a fast-food-indulged dinner tonight!

  3. Do you really think someone’s going to be stupid enough to fall for that old one?

  4. Your fast-food won’t be very fast tonight….we just came from there and they are working out a few kinks.

  5. Good food but wait was 35 min. A crazy scene. Forgot out baklava!! Will be visiting again, but after a few weeks…

  6. Well worth the wait..I just came home with my fried chicken and onion rings…I like the fried chicken better than the competition down the street..Crispy and tender..Welcome to the neigbhorhood and happy to see a huge turnout tonight..

  7. Glad to see something potentially vibrant and long-term on that sadly blighted corner. Hopefully they will keep up the opening-day service and quality (I’m sure they will!). Nobody should be surprised at long wait times for a little while, but that’s normal for a new restaurant. We’ll be there soon and we’ll keep supporting them.

  8. As others have mentioned, they certainly are working out a few kinks in their flow. I feel like it would be helped if the fountain drinks and condiments (like ketchup packets) were somehow out with the customers rather than taking up kitchen space and forcing the cashier to get you your drink and condiments.

    However, I was so happy to see it so packed! I understand that there might be a day 1 rush, but I hope it’s not uncommon to see so many people in there.

    I got a lamb/beef gyro, which was a $6 item and a root beer. It was very good.

    I also really enjoyed the bar-style seating that faces out towards 23rd and Union. Munching on a gyro and people-watching was a great way to wind down after my work day.

  9. I agree about the superior chicken. Better than down the street, though I do wish they had spicy. :-) Not bad for a first day, and it was great to see the CD so strongly supporting them.

  10. We went tonight with a few neighbors and got to try a lot of the menu from the gyro, chicken and rice, veggie plate to the scrumptious fried chicken. Man, oh man….sooooooooo delish! We are all VERY excited to have them across the street. Yes, it took a little longer, being their first day in business…it was worth it. So nice to see our corner lit up.
    welcome med mix!

  11. sorry we will adjust for it we promiss we do all our effort to fix it by the way today it was just soft oppenning but please try us again the meal is on us

  12. Don’t sweat it Otmane, it was great. Nobody expects perfection the first day. Overall it was fine and the food is great. You’re going to do really well, welcome to the CD!

  13. We stopped by last night. The fried chicken was actually perfect – crispy, moist and not greasy. We also enjoyed our eggplant sandwich and chicken schwarma. It was packed and the staff was both surprised by that and working hard. The woman at the cash register was great especially given the crowd (around 7:30) Kudos to her. We’ll be back for the falafel (you were sold out by the time we got there).

  14. My comment above last night was born out of frustration but it is also worth noting that my chicken shwarma wrap was fantastic!

  15. Have eaten there twice already. Gyro and the felafel were awesome. Also a great value for your dollar. Great work guys!

  16. Stopped by at 12:30 pm today and the seating was 2/3’s full with 10 people waiting for food ahead of me. Working out the kinks but who cares?! Falafal wrap and chicken wraps delicious, service was friendly, everyone in there was pretty happy to be there. FANTASTIC that they’ve chosen 23rd/Union for a location. Can’t wait for Neighbor Lady.

  17. Just stopped by. My kids said the fried chicken was better than Ezells, my wife’s falafeal sandwich was terrific and my gryro plate was perfect. The rice was especially good. The place was packed but the wait wasn’t bad at all. Thumbs up!

  18. Fried chicken was perfect, I must confess it temporarily brought me out of veganism, and it was worth it. My wife got the veggie combo, and she says it was good. We are so excited to see the corner with something positive going on. We really got a kick out of the staff, we love them!! Go Med Mix and go CD!

  19. We stopped in yesterday, had a gyro and falafel. Really terrific food, great prices, clean restaurant, friendly staff. WELL DONE!! We will definitely be back! Thanks for taking a chance in our neighborhood, we wish you continued success!

    How much longer do I have to wait for that dang Neighbor Lady? I’m really thirsty!

  20. Just got home from vacation and stopping by for some take out was the first thing we did. The place was bustling with activity and product was flying off the shelves! Chicken Shwarma and Lamb Gyro hit the spot! Thanks Med Mix and welcome to the neighborhood! Can’t wait to open the neighbor lady’s door next!

  21. eh, the food wasn’t too bad. Well, a salad wasn’t good at all. Felafel wrap was good.

    It’s been open for a few days and the floor is super dirty. They have next to no idea what they are doing. 4 people reading a ticket to each other and asking the same question over and over. It was actually quite embarrassing to watch.

    And the 60yr old hair metal, guy? omg.

    All of that is fine, really. Just get your shit together and get orders out the door quickly and you’ll be a hit. Also, mop and sweep the floor throughout the day.

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