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What happened to the food truck at 23rd & Cherry?

I was wondering if anyone knows what happened to the food truck in the parking lot of the gas station at 23rd & Cherry?I asked the employees of the gas station & they had no idea. A few months back I was there when the police were called, the man who was running the taco truck was being harassed by some men for ‘protection money’ (as he put it) & he refused to be intimidated & called the police. His truck is still there so I’m hoping he has just gone out of town or something & will be back soon, not that he was scared & bullied to shut down or worse. That corner has gotten markedly worse the last few months, it seems to follow the seasons from what I can tell. I notice that people view these threads but rarely comment, myself included… I would love to have more dialogue with my neighbors!!!

7 thoughts on “What happened to the food truck at 23rd & Cherry?

  1. I hope everything is OK with the family who ran the truck. My neighbors and I frequented that Taco truck and loved it–$1 tacos = awesome! Sad to see it gone.

  2. personally I think the Taco Trucks were threatened by someone in our community in relation to the horrible shooting in Florida. Now people may think this is not the case. But I’m just throwing out an opinion. People are made that no one was charged for the killing of a young African American teen, which in this case the suspect is a Latin American descendent.

  3. Just like after 911 when the moslems were targetted. People are now attacking mixed race Peruvians and sending them packing. It’s not a stretch to say that some of the Taco Truck Drivers may have been profiled as white peruvians.