SPD: Two people assaulted in Leschi + Man fires gun outside Swedish Cherry Hill ER

Two people were attacked after exiting the number 14 bus at 30th and Cherry Dearborn yesterday evening.

When the victims — a man and a woman — exited the bus around 9:35 p.m., the suspect followed them off the bus and approached them from behind. He knocked the man to the ground and stole his debit card. The woman tried to get away, but he attacked her, too, and stole her phone.

From SPD:

On February 29th, at approximately 9:35 pm, a male and female got off a Metro bus in the 800 Block of 30th Avenue South.  As they were walking home, an unknown suspect, who was also on the same bus,  approached them from behind and knocked the male to the ground.  The suspect took the victim’s debit card.  The female attempted to walk away, but the suspect knocked her down as well and took her cell phone.  The suspect then left the area.  The victims sustained minor scratches from the assault.

East Precinct officers responded to the area, as well as a K9 team, but the suspect was already gone.  The suspect was described as a black male, in his 30′s, bald, and wearing a dark trench coat.

Man fires gun outside Swedish Cherry Hill emergency room

Early this morning, staff at the Swedish Cherry Hill emergency room asked a man to leave after he entered the waiting area without checking in or needing medical attention. When he left, he pulled out a gun and fired a single shot into the air, according to police.

From SPD:

On 03-01-12, at approximately 1:30 a.m., an unknown male entered the emergency room of a hospital in the 500 block of 16 Ave and sat in the waiting room without checking in.  When staff determined he was not there for any medical needs they asked him to leave.  The male walked outside, pulled out a gun and fired a single round into the air before leaving on foot northbound.  No injuries were reported and no property damage was found.

The suspect is described as a black male,  mid 20s, 5-09, thin build, wearing a blue hooded jacket, blue knit cap with white lettering on the front, blue jeans, and blue sneakers.

9 thoughts on “SPD: Two people assaulted in Leschi + Man fires gun outside Swedish Cherry Hill ER

  1. No such thing. Yesler St. starts the South direction. Cherry is @ the 300-400 block north of Yesler. Does the #14 bus now go up Cherry?

    Also the SPD report says “800 Block of 30th Avenue South”. That would be @ Dearborn or Charles St. The #14 bus goes south on 31st Avenue from Jackson St., not on 30th Ave.

    Very confusing information in both the article and the SPD reports.
    Thanks for your work.

  2. So where are the undercover police and metro security in all this. They ride other routes that have issues why not here where it happens on a continual basis?

  3. Good question, I’ve been wondering the same. I also notice the 14 rarely has the security cameras on board. In general, I never feel safe on this route, there is a lot of potential for assault and robbery on the 14, especially between 3rd Ave and the ID. Once you get to the CD, the chances increase.

  4. LESCHI ASSAULT: My glasses haven’t recovered and my headache in the morning wasn’t too pleasant. 800 block of 30th just south of Dearbon. If you know the area well, you can get off the #14 on 31st at the Dearbon Steps to 30th. We walked up those steps and that’s where he jumped us.

    They should’ve put an undercover on that bus. Especially on a Sounders FC game night. But overall, Seattle PD and Engine 6 of the Seattle FD were very quick and efficient.

  5. Metro’s purpose is to distribute workers of all kinds. In our city criminal is a bonified class or worker with rights, privelages, and protections equal to any other. Transit police, like SPD are instructed to not intrude in the progress of ordinary lives. They are there only to protect glass buildings.

  6. Humbo or up or whatever troll name you want to use, not getting the attention you think you need? Here is some for your pathetic life. Happy now?