Pagliacci Pizza building new restaurant in Madison Valley

Pagliacci Pizza has plans to build a new restaurant in Madison Valley where Madison meets Lake Washington Blvd. The project is still several months away from construction, and it will not be open for another six months at the earliest.

The Spotless Cleaners currently located on the lot will keep operating until the late spring. Then Pagliacci will begin construction on a new, slightly larger building to replace the current one. They are aiming for LEED certification, and hope to incorporate sustainable practices into the restaurant, said Matt Galvin, co-owner of Pagliacci.

Once open, the restaurant hopes to deliver all over the CD and Capitol Hill, even going as far south as Leschi. They will have more details as soon as they get all their permits in line, so stay tuned for updates.

16 thoughts on “Pagliacci Pizza building new restaurant in Madison Valley

  1. Hope they’re not using the same guy we used to install our kitchen hood at The Neighbor Lady. Ted from DKG Fabrication used them as a reference when we were looking for someone to install the hood in our kitchen. He proudly said that he did all the metal work for all the Pagliacci’s. Since Dec. we’ve given DKG $13K and have very little to show for it. He hasn’t even pulled the permit with the city yet. He totally lied to our face. Now we have hired someone else to do the job and will open 3-4 weeks later than expected thanks to DKG Fabrication. We have hired legal counsel and are going to sue the crap out of this guy. I hope Pagliacci’s doesn’t use him anymore.

  2. Been waiting for Pagliaccis to deliver to our neighborhood for a long time.

    Finally a good local restaurant will deliver to our house!

  3. I 2nd that! I tried to get them to take old Philly’s building but they passed. Now I know why :) Pagliacci’s is the best. The old KFC at the Arb will be amazing!

  4. Hope they deliver to the entire CD. The owner, Danny is a Republican who lives in Kirkland and flat out refused to deliver south of Yesler. I have never bought from them after the refusal and recommended to others not to buy from them, no matter how good their Pizza is. Now with a new co-owner perhaps they will take a different stance concerning their delivery area. Good location but it would have been better in a location directly in the CD. I buy from All Purpose and like to support a business that invests and works with the community, and their food is excellent!

  5. Yes, I hope that there won’t be any redlining of CD delivery area and I hope that someone from Pagliacci reads these posts. I agree with eyes that the likelihood that I will support them is in direct proportion to how well they will serve the entire community.

  6. All Purpose Pizza destroys Pagliacci in taste and quality by a huge margin.

    Don’t settle for garbage pizza.

  7. @ tim – Pagliacci is not a new business. Haven’t they been around the Seattle area since like 1979?

    and why should I buy their pizza if I don’t like it? I’ve tried it a few times, and I think it’s not very good at all.

  8. Five years ago, I would have been really excited to see Pags coming to the neighborhood. Their Madison Valley store will probably reach some folks that don’t have good delivery options at the moment, but for those of us in the Southeast part of the area (Madrona, Leschi, Mt. Baker), I think Pags missed the boat (or maybe not since they might not deliver to us anyways). I agree with the other posters that APP has great, consistent pizza and they take care of their customers.

    I grew up on Pags (used to run to the one on Broadway for lunch during high school, and the one on the Ave during college) and like the pizza. But for me, places like APP (not to mention Mio Posto, Flying Squirrel, Mad Pizza) have made Pags irrelevant.

  9. Another Pizza Choice is a good thing. Just look at NY and see there is no limit to how much Pizza can be sold. I think ALLP and PAG aboth good. But I’ll be driving down to Flying Squirrel 50% of the time because I like it and the ambiance. ALLP would be second but my friends dissagree so the get less from me than deserved.

  10. @ tim – Pagliacci is not a new business. Haven’t they been around the Seattle area since like 1979?

    It is new to the Valley.

    It sounds like you are saying we should not support a new business that decides to open here because they have locations elsewhere? If APP opened a location there I would and will continue to support them too, just saying lets welcome them first. I like app pizza, mad pizza, pags pizza, they all have good and bad about them, but i would never call app pizza “garbage” if i happened to get one i didn’t like
    ( i never have yet).