Woman driving threatened with gun on MLK near Judkins Park

A woman told police she was threatened with a gun while driving northbound on MLK near S Judkins St February 22.

She said she the man in front of her was driving erratically, braking excessively and looking in his mirrors around 8:15 p.m. 10:15 a.m. He then reached out his window and pointed a small black handgun at her. He then pulled over and followed her to 17th and Yesler. She called the police and was not hurt.

From the police report:


11 thoughts on “Woman driving threatened with gun on MLK near Judkins Park

  1. hey Grumbol, can you tell us what you do for a living so we can advise you on how to better do you job?

  2. If possible you should fix your headline. Judkins Park is not particularly near MLK and S. Judkins Street.

  3. Headline says…”near Judkins Park..”

    Judkins street is what – two blocks away? Seems near enough too me. Some may know where the street exactly is, but know where the closest landmark is. Headline seems good to me.

    And as for more info? Yeah it would be nice in case someone could spot it – like make and model/color of car but seems that victim didn’t remember. License plate would be useful too, but I wonder how many people look at license plates. I like to look at them and make acronyms our of the letters.

    Anyways, I was driving down MLK the other day “near Judkins park” and some jackass behind me in a black 89 Camaro kept weaving in the lane and zooming up tailgating me. Pissed me off!!! Drunk, high, I don’t care, I hate that shit. Maybe same perp.

  4. I think SPD probably did a good job on this one. It is ridiculous that makes/models/colors aren’t listed in police reports. In this case the license plate does seem to be recorded but redacted. I understand why – the driver may not be the owner of the car and it is imprudent to put that information out there when it’s unclear – but at least the make/model/color would be helpful in keeping an eye out for this potentially dangerous individual. And, with a license plate number it seems it wouldn’t be too difficult for the cops to locate the vehicle, unless of course the plates were stolen. Props to the citizen who was willing to call the cops – seems too few do, these days.