Walk-up pizza joint opening this spring at Rainier and Weller

Coming soon to a shipping container near you: Wood-fired pizza and beer on tap.

Brian Solazzi is hard at work designing and constructing a walk-up pizza restaurant at Rainier and Weller that he hopes to open by spring. The shop will have a fenced-in outdoor seating area, and Solazzi has lots of ideas for events, from music to movies to — if there’s room — bocce ball.

“Americans spend 90 percent of their time indoors,” said Solazzi, who thinks people will enjoy a pizza hangout focused on being outside (and yes, there will be covered space for rainy days).

Solazzi — who attended the Japanese School across the street from the future pizza joint — said he hopes to grow as many of the ingredients on the long-vacant lot as possible, and he already knows where the chicken run will go.

“Seeing alive things outside — plants and animals — will be nice,” he said.

The restaurant has very little overhead, which Solazzi hopes will let him keep prices low. His family has owned the lot for years, and he is the architect, builder and one of two employees for the project. He poured the foundation, hooked up the sewers and even operated the crane when putting the shipping containers in place.

As an architect, he has worked with shipping container homes. He has also worked in an Italian restaurant kitchen. The new endeavor puts the two together, he said.

The restaurant has Brandon Thompson — who has worked with wood-fired pizza before — lined up as the chef. Thompson and Solazzi plan to run the place together to get it off the ground this spring.

11 thoughts on “Walk-up pizza joint opening this spring at Rainier and Weller

  1. I wish it was in a more walkable location – or who knows, maybe someday we can make Rainier walkable (why are there so many huge empty parking lots in that area?). This could be a good start.

    I have fond memories of walking from parties or bars in my college days to a neighborhood walk-up pizza window. $2 even for a big slice (I’m sure it’s more now, but not having to deal with change was nice).

  2. Awesome idea! I live on Weller and 20th. Count me in for weekly family pizza night at this new joint.

    Brian, let the me know if you are interested in any of the art installations we put up on the vacant lot on 21st and Jackson. The taggers might be kinder to you if you beat them to it.


  3. I never thought anything nice could happen there. Maybe I become Humbo.

    No Grumbo, Be Humbo. That beint the etiology of my alias.

  4. I commute from the CD to Tukwila via the 48 bus and light rail, so this will be right on my way home from work. I’ll be glad to have a reason to spend more time in Rainier Valley, and I hope it continues to become a more walkable neighborhood. Getting people outside and talking to each other is the first step.

  5. I drive past that spot every day taking my kid up to WMS.. we’ve been wondering what is going on, now we know! Great!

  6. This will be a great addition to the neighborhood, and I believe my family *alone* could keep it in business.

  7. That’s right. We’ve been longing for a joint like this. I’m sure you will be blessed with many happy, returning customers. Double happiness!

  8. This is excellent news for Jackson Place. I walk up Rainier a lot – to work, up to Cap Hill, etc – and this is such a nice, new addition! Can’t wait.

  9. I see this place taking shape, chickens, pizza oven but when are you going to open? Can’t wait till a can walk down and grab a slice!