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Walking along Union this morning I found what appears to be a valid Washington State EBT Card. The card says to mail it to Texas if found, but I figured the rightful owner probably needs it sooner rather than later and decided to try to find my neighbor who lost it.

If you can tell me the name on the back of the card, show me valid ID, and your signature matches, I’m happy to return it to you. Please call or text me at 206.240.6994.

I’ll mail it back tomorrow if I don’t get any responses. 

2 thoughts on “RETURNED – EBT Card

  1. I’m sending it back today. I held on to it for a day in case they were panicking and needed it and may happen to watch the blog. I thought I might save them a little bit of headache. It seems that waiting for a new one to be issued might take a while.