One blog’s opinion of the Central District

I saw this in the ‘Big Blog’ in the PI.  It seems like a tongue-in-cheek take on each neighborhood and I’m sure everyone will find something to get steamed up about.  I’m glad that we’re at least included – so much of the time the CD doesn’t even get billing in a list of Seattle neighborhoods!  Of course I think they’re way off base in their characterization of our ‘hood ;-)

What do you think of their representation of the CD?  Do you have a two-liner that might better describe the our neighborhood? 

(note you have to click the “show caption” link at the bottom of the photo) 

6 thoughts on “One blog’s opinion of the Central District

  1. Isn’t accepting contradiction part of being well rounded human beings? Anyway, I prefer defying categorization and I think they got most of their captions from a Facebook quiz that did the rounds last year.

  2. It was a short but humerous. At least we were mentioned, quite a diffrence from the same old same old racist journalism typical of old school Seattle.

  3. I wish I could un-read that worthless garbage.

    I demand those 4 seconds of my life back!

  4. Pleased to see our neighborhood is of interest to the Seattle news outlets, and that that interest is not in reporting on some violent crime, but isn’t the photo listed as “Central Distrct” actually the South East corner of Seattle Central Community College? We do have reason to be proud of our neighborhood, and neighbors, and I think the person pictured looks quite comfortable, and I believe her outfit looks fine.

  5. With the Capitol Hill photo referencing SCCC and the one taken in Capitol Hill at SCCC to represent the CD, that area of the city can debate which personality is theirs, and the CD can just stay cool. And, if we care, the next effort should be to direct the photographers to the actual Central District.