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get your falafels at 23rd and Union

Ran into some people moving stuff into the former Philly Cheese Steak spot Thursday evening.  They said that Mediterranean Mix, the Greek place in Pioneer Square is coming.  Didn’t get an opening date, but it looked like some of the stuff they were moving was food, so it may not be long.

Haven’t heard anything recent about “The Neighbor Lady” cafe that is supposed to be coming to the former Thompson’s Point of View.  Would be nice to see some vitality returning.

11 thoughts on “get your falafels at 23rd and Union

  1. Thanks for this info, Mark. I saw that the “For Lease” sign was gone and wondered if a new tenant had been signed up. Will look forward to news about hours, opening date, etc.

  2. Yes! I could use a good falafel every now and then. The turn on that corner spot was much quicker then the last time it was on the market. I am thinking a few pints at the neighbor lady followed up by a falafel on the way home!

  3. This is great news. I love this place and the fact I can get some good, quick food within walking distance. I will be eagerly awaiting your opening.