SPD: Angry woman smashes ex’s car near Homer Harris Park

A woman was arrested Wednesday evening after she allegedly rammed her Mercedes into her ex-boyfriend’s car multiple times. She eventually pushed his car down a six-foot embankment, according to police.

He was not in the car at the time.

From SPD:

On January 25th, at approximately 7:10 pm, East Precinct officers responded to an alley in the 1800 Block of 24th Avenue for a report of a female suspect who was using her 2004 Mercedes Benz 500  to repeatedly hit her ex-boyfriend’s vehicle. According to witnesses, the suspect used her car to ram the other car five to ten times.   The suspect, a 34 year old woman, was able to eventually push her ex’s vehicle down 6 foot embankment and into a neighbor’s fence.   In the process, she got her Mercedes stuck on top of the other car.   The ex-boyfriend, who was not in the car at time, and several other people witnessed this.  Officers arrived and arrested the suspect.  She was later booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Malicious Michief-Domestic Violence.  Detectives are now handling the follow up investigation.

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