Snowy MLK Eve open thread

Snow Day!

There are scores of snow men popping up in parks and front yards all across the Central District today. If you’re trying to get anywhere, you might be in for a headache. But if you’re headed to play, it’s paradise.

No word yet on if the snow will effect Monday’s MLK march, scheduled to get under way at 12:30 p.m. (with a rally and workshops beforehand).

As usual, cars and buses are having trouble on some of the steeper hills. Metro is on snow schedules, and there are several stranded buses out there. You can find your bus’s snow route online.

Joanna reports that some people have had trouble making it up Union (and if you’re calling a cab she suggests not getting picked up at the top of a hill. That sounds like pretty good advice!).

Photo by Joanna

Meanwhile, boxers from Cappy’s Boxing Gym and some farmers from Alleycat Acres made some snowpeople at their 22nd and Union farm:

Photo by Sean Conroe

I took a stroll through Pratt Park, where families were playing:

Do you have any photos/stories/tips to share? Post them in the comments below or email [email protected].

10 thoughts on “Snowy MLK Eve open thread

  1. A neighborly guy came and shoveled our porch and steps this evening! He said it was “fun” and that “everyone has an umbrella, but not everyone has a shovel.” True enough, neighbor. True enough. And thanks.

  2. Here is my awesome driving advice.

    Driving around the CD and Capitol Hill is not too bad if you are on the North/South Avenues because they are mostly flat. The hard part is going East/West on the streets because of the hills and getting up to the CD or down off of the CD. Here are the routes that avoid steep hills. It’s worth driving a few minutes out of your way. Take Jackson instead of Yesler if you need to get downtown. If you need to get to the U-district take MLK to Lake Washington Blvd. 23rd has some steep hills so does every other route. And last use the Dearborn exit and entrance if possible to get on I-5. Don’t forget to drive a little slower on the freeway as there is black ice all through the city where the freeway is elevated and freezes easily.

  3. bah – leave the car at home. I just made myself up a set of studded tires and they are awesome – beyond awesome – riding on the ice and slush today was no worse than riding on a slightly bumpy road. Throw your worst at me mama nature, I’m ready. And I still have the advantage that if I do actually get stuck I can always get off and walk to a slightly flatter spot :-)