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Shootings at and near 27th and Cherry 1/1/12 and 12/30/11

According to a SPD patrol officer, those shots we heard in the neighborhood over the past couple of nights were drive-by shootings.

On 12/30/11, one shot was fired into a car, and tonight at around 10:40pm, there was a drive-by shooting at 27th and Cherry and one person was shot.

Does anyone know where we can get consistent information on crime?  The real time 911 ( did not list any responses to dispatched calls when these shots and shootings occurred. 

7 thoughts on “Shootings at and near 27th and Cherry 1/1/12 and 12/30/11

  1. Who do I call when I hear the gunshots? How do I report their location? I’ve heard so many over the past week and I don’t like it!

  2. I am working on it. No word back from police (might be short staffed due to holiday). Found an incident report for a noise complaint at 27/Cherry at 10:37 p.m. 1/1/12. Don’t see any medic calls, though.

    I will update when I learn more.

  3. If you’re certain (or mostly certain) they are gunshots, call the police. Lots of calls end up being fireworks, though. Especially around New Year’s.