CD Snow Day #6 (open thread)

Roads around the CD remain slick as we enter day six of being somewhat snowed in. Seattle Schools are closed for the third full day in a row, meaning kids only had a few hours of school this week (lucky!).

Many other shops and city departments are also closed, and buses remain on snow routes.

Here’s a live look around the neighborhood, via the city’s traffic monitoring cameras (refresh the page to see updated photos). You can see which streets have been cleared recently via the city’s winter weather response map.

So, neighbors, what’s open?

UPDATE: The city is urging residents and businesses to clear storm drains to prevent flooding from all the melting snow and predicted rainfall. Here’s the mayor showing you how:

11 thoughts on “CD Snow Day #6 (open thread)

  1. I have opted to walk to work all week but since the roads are clear I may try to get back onthe bus today. Have folks found they running close to the reg schedule yet? Specifically curious about the #4.

  2. From KC Metro’s Twitter feed:
    “The weather outside may look better this AM, but still significant delays for buses due to sloppy road conditions. Give yourself extra time.”

  3. Had to wait 3 scheduled #48 buses before one actually came along about 7:35am this morning. Two #4’s were supposed to come during that time according to OneBusAway, but neither showed.

  4. Goodwill has and continues to remain open. All busses on Jackson and Rainier are running close to schedule. Best to go to the bus tunnel

  5. If SDOT thinks E Cherry crosses 23rd Ave East, maybe that’s part of their problem.
    Also, that’s S. Jackson St. and 23rd Ave SOUTH.

  6. Yes,Carolyn, what is going on with the directions here? Are these really captioned by SDOT? It reminds me of when I sometimes encounter lost people here looking for the 900 block of 21st Avenue E.

  7. I was warned to be careful walking under the towers around 18th and E. Madison this morning. Apparently big chunks of ice falling from the sky created some excitement. My camera was not there for the excitement.

    Sculpture by young woman living in CD. Temporary installation.

  8. Correct. But I wasn’t writing about Jackson. I was writing about 23rd Avenue. South of Yesler it is 23rd Avenue South, not just plain 23rd Avenue.

  9. Yes, I agree that South of Yesler is 23rd Avenue S. Please also note the caption for E. Cherry and 23rd Avenue E. indicating that it is looking west. There is no 23rd Avenue E. at E. Cherry looking west or any other direction. I am just floored by SDOT’s description.