Attempted carjacking at 32nd and Cherry

Two men attempted to rob a woman at 32nd and Cherry around 7:30 p.m. January 24 by tricking her into pulling over, then threatening her with a handgun.

A person driving by saw the victim waving for help and stopped. The helper posted about the experience on the Madrona Moms email list:

Just thought everyone might want to know about a carjacking that took place on Cherry Tuesday night. I was driving home from Madison Park on Tuesday night around 7pm, when I noticed a woman waving me down just before the corner of 34th and Cherry. I slowed down and rolled down my window slightly and she informed me that she had just been carjacked. I pulled over and helped her call her husband and the police.

Police confirmed the poster’s account of the attempted robbery. The victim was driving eastbound on Cherry when a car bumped into her from behind near 32nd Ave. She pulled over as did the suspect’s vehicle.

Two black males in their early 20s got out of the car and approached her. One of them was holding a handgun, which he tapped on her window. They told her to put all her belongings on the seat and get out of the car, which she did.

However, her car had a keyless starter, which was on her person when she fled. This prevented the thieves from stealing the car.

She tried to flag cars down, but several passed without stopping before the Madrona Moms poster came along. She then called the police and her husband. The victim was visibly shaken when police arrived.

Robbery units are investigating, but police had few suspect or vehicle details.

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