The Giving Season Doesn’t Have to End (Help a Senior in the Central District)

A 70-something Veteran has severe health issues including heart problems. Recently, while travelling, his health became a crisis. While in the hospital, his home was robbed. This gentleman hopes for a volunteer to help him inventory and clean up his belongings in his garage and help with yardwork and light housework while he gets back on his feet. He’s especially worried that the neighbors will complain because he’s been unable to rake leaves! He lives with his wife, who is also a senior and is unable to help with these physical jobs. If you love to organize, or have an hour or two a week to help with yardwork or housework, this couple would love your help!

A chronically ill 70-something senior has had multiple hip replacements and other health problems, which make it difficult for even this cheerful woman to stay upbeat as she’s often homebound. She lives on First Hill near Seattle University and is a delight to talk to. She’s a former singer who loves music and cheerful people (no frowning allowed). She used to be a manager at her apartment building, and had to step down due to health problems, but has been living in the same apartment for over 20 years. She would love help with housework, possibly occasional shopping, and most importantly organization. She’s had visits from volunteers in the past who all think that she’s just wonderful. She’s an active, friendly woman, who loved to be as involved in the community as she could be. She would love a visit once a week, but she is very flexible and grateful for any help offered.

A sweet, soft spoken young senior who has back problems and severely limited vision hopes for help with housework, taking walks, reading the Bible and her mail, and possibly cooking. She tries to be as independent as possible, but has trouble with tackling those things alone. She lives hear Madrona. An hour or two a week would be all it takes to help out this friendly woman.

Help with simple tasks like these can make a real difference in someone’s life. Volunteer Chore Services, a program of Catholic Community Services, is a “safety net” for elders and adults living with disabilities who are alone in the world and are unable to pay for chore help. All recipients are low-income, have health problems or difficulty with mobility, and most live alone.

Volunteer Chore Services is an excellent opportunity for to interact with elders and disabled individuals while providing essential help to enable these members of our community to remain living independently in their homes. You may choose the day, time and location for your service.

We carefully match volunteers to opportunities based on their personalities, neighborhood, and preferences. There are unfortunately a huge number of people waiting for help, and a shortage of volunteers. As the budgets for human services are in trouble all over the country, programs like Volunteer Chore Services are essential to help our most vulnerable citizens. Volunteers are needed all over, but especially in areas like the CD.

Due to the vulnerable nature of our clients, volunteers must complete a registration packet, provide three personal references, pass a background check, and attend an orientation. To apply, please go to For more information on how you can help in the Central District, please email Kerrie Carbary, the volunteer coordinator in your area, at [email protected], or call our Volunteer Chore Services main intake line at 206-328-5787. Thank you. :)

2 thoughts on “The Giving Season Doesn’t Have to End (Help a Senior in the Central District)

  1. This program has helped many of my elderly and disabled tenants over the years stay housed. Meaning- they would be homeless if not for the help with chores and they would likely starve if their volunteers didn’t help them get and prepare food. I don’t have anything positive or negative to say about CCS but this program didn’t seem to require the recipients of the services to participate in anything religious. If you are looking for a relatively easy way to give back that makes a HUGE difference, please consider this service. Take care.