Robbery Roundup: Another smart phone stolen on the bus

23rd and Jackson, 3:45 p.m. November 29

Another smart phone was stolen on a Metro bus November 29 (see the Jackson and Rainier report here, from November 13). The report does not indicate a connection between the two incidents.

It’s also worth noting that police have been utilizing the Find My iPhone and Where’s My Droid apps to help track the phones. So if you have a smart phone, it might be worth installing them.

From the police report:

Garfield shuts down bathrooms due to robbery rumors

Jonah at Publicola reports that some bathrooms at Garfield High School were closed last month in response to student rumors and concerns about robberies. School officials said the rumors stopped once they took action, and that they never identified any suspects or victims.

From Publicola:

Garfield High School closed its second and third floor bathrooms to students last month after rumors circulated throughout the school that students were being robbed in the restroom.

The rumors became pervasive enough that school officials took action, closing four of the school’s nine bathrooms (all boys’ restrooms) for three days in early October, according to Seattle school district spokesman Teresa Wippel.

The school’s principal went as far as notifying the school’s parent/teacher association about the rumors, but because Garfield staff were unable to identify any suspects, or find any victims, they did not report the rumors to police.

4 thoughts on “Robbery Roundup: Another smart phone stolen on the bus

  1. Is there a description of the perp other than that he was smelly? It would be quite helpful.

  2. hahahaaaaa! he’d have to smell the suspects in a line up. “Number three smells like the guy”

  3. It is insensitive to describe suspects and leads to stigmatization of similar looking people. It is bad enough to even call them a suspect in a crime. Better to say fellow human #1 recieved posssion of a communication device from another fellow human #1. There are differences in opinion on who has a right to possesion of the device. These differences can be seen as a universal truth where we are each unique and yet the same. There was a blessed harmony in the exchange only interupted the by the annoying complaints and inadiquacies of fellow human #1.

  4. Hey McGinn. As long as you are making a kinder gentler SPD – have them start writing reports like my sample above. This will help alleviate bias and violent ways of the cops. Ha Ha! I can wait to see the new methods. Policeman turned to Police Officer now becomes Police Unik. Sorry fellas – time to go work somewhere for people who want police protection.