After protest, students form group and look to expand statewide

After Garfield High School students lead a successful walkout that grabbed national headlines (from the Huffington Post to Keith Olbermann to the New York Times), several of the organizers have now formed a group they are calling Students of Washington for Change (SWaC).

Now formalized, the group is looking to expand to schools all around the state. From SWaC’s post-march letter:

In response to this outpouring of support for what may be one of the most pressing issues of our time, the organizers of this march are creating a new student advocacy and protest movement known as Students of Washington for Change, or SWaC. We are not affiliated with the occupy movement, we are only students looking out for other students.

For the present, we will continue our focus on preventing cuts to educational programs across the state. We will ensure that a quality education is guaranteed to every student in Washington State. We also hope that this organization will expand beyond Garfield and the Seattle Public Schools. We want this to be a state wide student movement.

The group says they have plans to reorganize as more school join. To keep up to date on the group (or to make sure you know when you will need to write your teen an excuse note), follow SWaC on Facebook and Twitter.

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