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Lost Orange Cat!

We lost our cat, Leroy, this morning when he snuck out the front door as we came home for the evening. Since we have a security camera trained on our front porch, we were able to see the footage of Leroy’s escape.  After sneaking out as my boyfriend entered the house, this weirdo cat sat nonchalantly on our steps in the dark for two hours before sauntering off into the night. 

Leroy is not an outdoor cat, and usually will not walk further than our front steps if we ever let him out for fresh air. He’s somewhat timid but loves people and isn’t the kind of cat that runs away when we have guests.

Leroy’s an orange tabby with black spots on his nose and a kink in his tail. His head is small for his body, and he has an embarrassing hang-belly that sways when he walks.

If you’ve seen him around, please call or text 206-790-3295. We live near Garfield High.

Thanks so much!!! We hope to see Leroy again!!

Leroy’s Twitter:!/LeroyTheCat




Leroy was found! He came home drenched and hungry, looking for his dinner. He’s doing just fine! Thanks for keeping an eye out.

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