Green Plate Special receives sustainability innovation award

Sustainable Seattle has recognized the Green Plate Special garden at MLK and Union as an “innovator in sustainability” in the built environment.

The garden is an urban farm planted in a privately-owned vacant lot that provides youth with hands-on education about how to grow and prepare healthy food. The award comes less than a year after the group began to transform the corner.

From Sustainable Seattle:

Laura Dewell is leading up a very innovative project with her partner, Libby.  They are working with youth (many minority), teaching them cooking and gardening, both of which have so many psychological, community, health benefits.   They are developing their site in an environmentally conscious way by minimizing building foot print and putting in a rain garden.    These activities also have time balance, education, and material well being benefits, especially if home cooking and gardening become a habit for these kids as they grow older.


One thought on “Green Plate Special receives sustainability innovation award

  1. and also to the property owner who facilitated getting a use for this space. Realize that it is zoned for a multiuse building. However, with the economic climate that is not going to happen soon. Instead of leaving a vacant lot, he made a commitment to get a great use in place.