CDN Pics | Central District Holiday Party makes successful debut

(Images: CDN)

The first ever Central District Holiday Party looked to be worthy of a repeat performance in 2012. It’s not every day your holiday pageant includes break dancers from Coyote Central or an eight-kid guitar group from Meter music school. It’s also not every day those guitar kids break out Modest Mouse and Weezer. Nope, it’s the magic of Christmas.

Add Santa in Central Cinema’s lounge and a couple PBR tallboys for moms and dads and you have the makings of a new CD holiday tradition.



4 thoughts on “CDN Pics | Central District Holiday Party makes successful debut

  1. We loved it – and love that it was so community based. That plus rockin’ musicians, break dancers, dancing boxers AND Charo singing Christmas songs = perfect holiday tradition! (and I’m Jewish!)

  2. Thanks to everyone who organized this and to all the performers! We had a great time – dancing boxers will be a new Christmas (or perhaps – Boxing Day) tradition! Thanks so much for featuring some of the amazing non-profits and businesses in the neighborhood!