Four-time felon from West Seattle arrested for shooting at MLK and Dearborn

Prosecutors have charged four-time felon Wayne Richard Dubois, 20, in connection with a November 6 shooting at MLK and Dearborn in which a man was shot in the groin (see our previous story).

According to court documents, Dubois and the victim got into an argument in front of Parnell’s Market at 23rd and Dearborn. Dubois accused the victim of of taking some of his property, and victim walked away headed west on Dearborn toward MLK.

Dubois and a woman drove their green Ford Crown Victoria down Dearborn where Dubois allegedly got out of the car near MLK wielding a handgun. He yelled, “Break yourself!” before firing the gun at the victim, striking him once in the groin, according to prosecutors.

The victim ran to a friend’s house nearby, and his friend drove him to the hospital.

After police arrested Dubois, who has four felony convictions, he admitted to being in the area at the time with his girlfriend in a green Ford Victoria, but he denied shooting the victim.

He has been charged with one count of first degree assault and one count of second degree unlawful possession of a firearm. He has previously been found guilty of unlawful possession of a firearm. Prosecutors laid out Dubois’ criminal history and alleged gang ties in defense of their request for $1 million bail:

The defendant has prior convictions for Assault in the Third Degree (2007), Unlawful Possession of a Firearm in the Second Degree (2008), and Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act (2011 and 2011). In addition to the defendant’s troubling criminal history involving assault and firearms, he was on active supervision for the Department of Corrections at the time of this event. Further, the underlying facts in the present case demonstrate a marked lack of concern both for the safety of the community and for the victim. The shooting that is alleged in this case took place in the middle of the day, on a busy street, and included the defendant firing a handgun four separate times, including one bullet which struck the victim in the groin. The defendant has strong ties to gang activities in King County according to three separate police agencies and is specifically alleged to be a member of the Eastside Bounty Hunters Watts Blood gang from Los Angeles. The Bounty Hunters are associates of the West Side Street Mob in Seattle.


12 thoughts on “Four-time felon from West Seattle arrested for shooting at MLK and Dearborn

  1. Who was it that was saying it’s just some good neighborhood kids hanging out at the neighborhood store? Mind you this was in broad daylight. Several nights recently I have gone on my civic patrol rounds. Walking my dog and crisscrossing the CD to see what’s up and to neighborhood engaugement with and pressure on the the gangs.

    The in my opinion – the worst, most dangerous place in the CD is Parnell’s. There is a near constant presence of drug dealers, scouts, and pimps stationed at Parnell’s. The scouts and delivery gang members monitor a 5 block or more perimiter around Parnell’s. If you really try hard, you could imagine that these guys are just harmless YBMs standing around idly. And of course some of them are. However several of them at any given time are providing survielence, security, communications, and transactions in the drug and prostitution racket.

    Due to my appearance and boldness they tend to scatter if I look at them for more than a few seconds. Never the less, I routinely witness drug deals and prostitution. A large amount of the business is transacted through a series of exchanges and communications begining at Parnell’s and passing down into the park and extending as far as the intersection of Rainier and Dearborn. I have followed and watched from a moderate distance dozens of times and gone so far as to see the end purchasers actually consuming the drugs or engaugine in sexual acts in vehicles or vacant lots right in front of CD homes – On 20th, 18th, Lane, Weller, Judkins, King, Fir, and others.

    Who is going to jump in today and tell me how wrong I am and that it just ain’t so? Or that it is none of my business? These criminals degrade the neighborhood, attract more criminals and pervierts, and it will hurt you or your neighbor – relatively soon and direclty. Mark my words.

  2. My words seem to disappear and leave gaps. First paragraph should say “to increase neighborhood engagement and pressure…

    Also – just eliminate “the” from the beginning of paragraph 2. Sorry.

  3. A four time felon at only 20? Felonies are some serious crimes and hope he does some serious time for this.

  4. He’ll be back. Hasn’t been caught for murder yet. We’ll see him in the news 1.6 years from now and someone will be dead. And then we will see him again in 16 years – A reformed man who does his drug dealing with the help of women and children instead of directly. Then he’ll get cut down on our streets like Chapman. Just watch. 99% certainty.

  5. I’m on Dearborn and I don’t walk through Judkins Park to get home from the 48 anymore because I’ve encountered too many folks on drugs in the park and they make me nervous. I’m sure I make them nervous, too.

    I’ve also witnessed pick-ups and drop-offs in Escalades and other fancy cars of some of the folks who loiter for money on Rainier. I’m assuming they are for drugs.

    I’ve only lived here for a little less than 2 years, so I know this isn’t a new idea. However, I’d be down to do some neighborhood surveillance group walks. I know others could get on board with this! Every time I pass by the ID and see the group of elderly folks patrolling their neighborhood in safety vests, I can feel their sense of empowerment.

  6. Well, Grumbo, you’re not wrong, and I’ve witnessed all of the same, but Parnell’s seems to be the teflon open air drugstore/sex market of the CD – it not Seattle.

  7. Sorry Alex, waste of time. This is a police problem that’s been foisted off on the community. Eventually there will be a really high-profile crime stemming from Parnell’s parking lot, and maybe something will happen, maybe. But in regards to the status quo, I quote Dylan the Troubadour, “the cops don’t need you, and man, they expect the same.”

  8. This is unfortinate this happen. I was born and raised on Dearborn and i am still around. And my statement was “not all kids hanging out are doing the things that are mostly assumed by onlookers”. This has been going on for years, lets try solutions.

  9. I think it would be interesting if our commuter churches, I think we have about 5 of them, one so large there’s no place for them to park, really got down to lead in the search for solutions.