City signals plan to evict occupiers at 23rd and Alder

Turritopsis Nutricula may soon need to revert to its polyp state as the city signals its intent to evict them.

A group loosely-aligned with Occupy Seattle has been squatting in an unfinished duplex at 23rd and Alder protesting homelessness and vacant housing. The collective of residents named the house Turritopsis Nutricula (see Wikipedia), and planned to stay there indefinitely. They have since painted the house red, black and green and have been working on fixing up the unfinished interior, residents said.

Seattle Police spokesperson Sean Whitcomb tells CDNews that they are working with other city departments to respond to the occupiers at the house.

However, the legal property owner has been difficult to get in touch with, and the Thanksgiving holiday slowed that process even further.

But now, the Department of Planning and Development says they are in touch with an attorney representing the legal owner, and the city is now working to remove the current residents.

DPD sent the following message around noon to people who filed complaints about the house:

Thank you for your complaint concerning the vacant property at 307-09 23rd Avenue that is being occupied by unauthorized persons.  We have received a number of other complaints about this property.  We conducted property research and identified representatives of the owner last week, but were unable to reach anyone with authority to take action until early this week due to the intervening Thanksgiving holiday.  Now we have been in contact with the attorney representing the owner, who is working with the Seattle Police Department with the goal of having the unauthorized occupants of the building removed.  We will continue to closely monitor the situation at the house and will proceed with enforcement action depending upon the outcome of the efforts to remove the occupants.

Thank you again for informing us about the concerns with this property.  Please feel free to contact me or Housing Zoning Inspector Supervisor Clay Thompson (684-7794) if you have questions.



Diane C. Davis

Code Compliance Manager

No word yet on a timeline for city action. We will update as we learn more.

72 thoughts on “City signals plan to evict occupiers at 23rd and Alder

  1. A thank you to all in the city and community who share a common sense of good and fairness. We have issues as does every community, some more than others. This issue has helped galvanize our sense of what our community is, could be and what it is not.

  2. great – how much tax $ and police time will be spent replying to this?

    nice work complainers. as a homeowner and tax payer and victim of real crime in the city, its too bad that this is what the police have to deal with.

  3. This is ridiculous. There are bigger issues in the CD than activists taking over an empty house, which was sort of an eyesore to begin with. This is about uptight residents being worried about their property values in the ever-gentrifying CD.

  4. Now. Let’s have the home condemned and taken over by the city. Then sold to an owner that want’s to be a part of the city.

    This derelict building will be a continuing problem. The aggregate of so many derelict properties is certain doom for the CD. Owners who cannot bring buildings up to code and habitation should sell or be condemned.

    Property owners have a responsiblility to the community. The law compels them to maintain their properties. Let’s get these properties into the hands of good caring citizens.

    Thank you Jellyfish people for moving this concept further – though it wasn’t your intent.

  5. You are right, there are certainly bigger issues. So doing this to folks under the guise of ‘helping the poor’ who were minding their own business, i.e. paying their taxes and mortgage payments is especially wrong.

    And, who’s to say these folks would stop there? Let’s say you are on vacation for an extended period of time. That leaves your house, uh, unoccupied. To some folks you may seem like a capitalistic white, (or black because in this case race didn’t really matter) paycheck loving, tax paying citizen. What would stop them from squatting in YOUR house. I bet then you’d think it was a big deal.

    And to top it all off, be fully aware that even if this isn’t your personal property, you will be helping to foot the bill to clean it up/settle the matter. It is your taxes, you law abiding caring citizen you, that pay the police and the public defenders to deal with this mess that keeps them from dealing with more serious life threatening crimes.

    There are lots of people in the CD who ARE fighting to clean up crime, to better everyone’s kid’s education, to help with homelessness and food and clean water. There are good neighbors who are doing this in the CD and worldwide! I think everyone commented because this was so blatantly the wrong message, so blatantly a crime that has taken a few weeks for anyone to do anything about, and with also the criminals posting on our news forum how ‘in the right’ they were, and how in the wrong we, the long standing citizens of this area are.
    That last bit, telling us how wrong and bad we are, is enough to make folks go a little ballistic.

  6. “There are bigger issues in the CD than activists taking over an empty house”

    Wait, the city is dropping all other issues just to deal with this? Talk about logical fallacy….

    “ever-gentrifying CD. “

    Wait, and a bunch of white people stealing an African American’s house is considered what???

  7. Soo Rachel,
    why are you not worried about the gentrification of other neighborhoods in Seattle, like the ones north of the ship canal. Why do you have this false racist construct that all minority neighborhoods have to be poor, contain high amounts of low income housing and that there is no such thing as a black middle class. Gentrifying CD??!!?? To quote Clint Eastwood, “How White of you”.

  8. These people are criminals! They are squatting in a home that does not belong to them. If they want to protest against banks, let them find a home the bank has foreclosed on and occupy it! Leave private citizens alone.

  9. I think that’s the real you, eyes? I couldn’t agree more. These characters have no sense of the CD and the hard work its residents are doing to build a better community where all residents are considered part of the neighborhood. Painting anarchy symbols on this house did nothing to “improve” it. I’d like to see the police compare some of the graffiti on the house to what’s been appearing all over the neighborhood (not coincidence!)

  10. Let’s just hope they don’t leave us some “presents” behind when they leave. We have enough graffiti as it is.

  11. Wow….what a NIMBY outburst. By the way what do all you CD residents think about the graffiti laced house next to Ezells, one block to the north on 23rd?

  12. Given the holiday spirit I’m going to be positive and praise all the commenting here. There’s a lot of disagreement but we all agree on one thing. The 23rd Ave Occupiers do not belong there. Occupying someone’s private property is wrong.

    I think that this move by the Occupy movement reveals what a joke they are. They don’t stand for anything. All they are doing is looking for a free lunch. What they need to do is occupy the help wanted section on craigslist and get a job!

  13. we actually do stand for “things”. the problem is that there are too many opinions in one room. no program. no plan. no demands. ect. ect..

    me? im cool with occupation, especially vacant property if it reflects the need for affordable housing. wheres the affordable housing? no where to be seen.. in seattle at least.

  14. You are correct sir. Occupy does stand for things. What I meant to say was Occupy does not stand for anything meaningful. Occupy stands for “I do not want to pay rent, I do not want to get a job” Occupy stands for “I do not respect other peoples property and I’ll piss all over SCCC, dump garbage all over Westlake, and trash some guys house all in the vain of promoting Occupy”

  15. if the jellyfish house has a legal defense fund, i will contribute to it…


  16. I am in fact proud to be a NIMBY. I don’t want crime in my backyard. I believe stealing property owned by others is a crime. Stating it is for a cause, a political protest, etc. does not make it less of a crime. The house looks worse because of these squatters not better. Call my a NIMBY, call me a Gentrifier, I don’t care. On this site the people that use these labels seem to apply them to people that are working to improve the neighborhood. The actions of all who protested this occupation and are working to get them out are the people I am proud to have as neighbors and fellow NIMBY’s.

  17. That’s the issue.

    How do we get over the inevitable selfish distractions of the few and get back to our BIG issue?

  18. well the difference between the two is that 23rd and alder is an unfinished eyesore with no real development plans whereas 10th and union is slated to demolished and developed by a multi-million developer. who has more resources and pull?

  19. It would be wonderful to learn IF the difference between police reaction to the two situations was owing to the difference in resources and pull. Then the situation might actually demonstrate the very types of inequities that the Occupy movement is (possibly?) about. Without the facts, we can only wonder. The owners of 10th and Union had a signed trespass agreement with the city and the police acted according to the owner’s instructions and the law. Presumably, if the owner of 23rd and Alder requested the police to treat the squatters as tresspassers, similar quick police action would ensue. But perhaps not – Seattle law admits a building’s abandonment as an affirmitive defence against tresspassing. I don’t know how this might effect police actions. I for one will be calling the police and/or DPD to ask the question.

  20. The comment about the trespass agreement with SPD is valid but I am not sure if it applies to residential properties. It seems really weird that the SPD hasn’t been able to contact the 23rd & Alder owner.

    I tired of reading about the CD being a containment zone, but if a bunch of black kids started squatting in a white guy’s house in Medina the police would arrest them before they could spray paint any goofy panther symbols on the walls……

  21. we are not trashing house. we are fixing it up. been in house seen how they have improved it. but anyways. yes occupy seattle has problems and sccc is correct all those problem exist and more but the problem is they play denial card and refuse to solve the problem. they say problem existed on capitol hill butt they let problems into camp and also they are feeding capital hill problems.

  22. I tend to give the Occupy moment a lot of leeway, even while cringing, and sometimes disagreeing with what I think are tactical missteps, or impassioned though not very thoughtful rhetoric. Occupy is serving an incredibly important function by acting as a focus for discontent, and the moment can’t be painted with one spray can.

    Was the Occupy the Port graffiti in the Colman N’hood tone-deaf? I think so, though I thought the graffiti on the wall under the mural on the woodworking school was well placed. Is the “occupation” of the house on 23d a bad tactical move? I don’t think so. It appears the owner of the property was letting it go to wrack and ruin, and I agree with the notion that there’s something morally suspect about abandoned properties while people are homeless. (And I don’t believe all private property is sacrosanct, though I know that’s part of our national political religion.)

    We, active and or passive in our outrage, have to keep our eyes on the prize – environmental, economic, and social justice. The moment is in uncharted waters, there’s bound to be confusion followed by course changes followed by the doldrums and followed by – who knows – but I would like to see the prize in my lifetime, and if I have to suffer through a few glitches to get there, so be it. Better that than the continued and destructive occupation by the 1%.

  23. The moment you quit blaming others for your lot in life, is the moment you take accountability and move on and live. Until then, keep using your crutches in outrage

  24. So, just because someone is white means they shouldn’t move to the CD because it is the only place they can afford? How is that right? If someone is white and makes less money than you, does that make them bad still? Open your eyes blind racist folk, color doesn’t matter, actions do.

  25. I think that tagging is wrong also, what do you think about it H gilman? Think it is “pretty”? Think it adds to the community? I don’t, I think it might as well be terrorist slogans from Al-Qaeda.

  26. so this group invented grafitti, and before them there was no tags in the hood? get real

  27. haha funny. All this talk about gentrification and I guess this is really it. Bunch of white guys stealing African American’s house. Finally real gentrification lol.

  28. thats right. occupy seattle and some squatter kids invented graffiti. they also invented squatting. and crime. and junkies. they invented junkies. I heard they are notorious for jay walking. lets get these jay walker would-be felons out of our neighborhood! oh, and no more renters either. they don’t contribute to anything. ever.

  29. i love that they are in the CD. i hope they stay! can i bring any food by the house to help?

    CD Homeowner and All-around Person

  30. very few madrona moms or dads ould care aboutnthis issue if this blg didnt stir up trolls, hate, and banal comments on this subject.

    tempest in a teapot, much ado about nothing.

    i long for the days of editorial oversite and real reporters. sadly those days are gone forever.

  31. Richard. I am curious to find out what about this movement is “uncharted waters”. I mean that in earnest. If you prefer to elaborate in person, I will be at the CD holiday party. Also, you get what you settle for. Why should we settle for a local movement that doesn’t even know who to fight? Occupy participants in NC went and closed their accounts in unison (that got BofA’s attention), OWS had a family night to represent the future 99% (that got the city council’s attention). We have what used to be the headquarters of the largest depository bank in the US right at our door steps – a true symbol of political manipulation and disregard for our banking laws. Yet, the best we can do is piss off one of the most liberal neighborhoods in the city, steal a home from a black guy and displace a couple homeless folks from a commercial building so we can pat ourselves in the back for the 3 minutes it took the SWAT team to escort us out? I guess this is ever so slightly incrementally better than nothing. I guess if we want to stay in self grandeur hero fantasy land I’d rather join the “Committee for the Liberation and Integration of Terrifying Organisms and their Rehabilitation Into Society”. At least they actually met their enemy full on.

  32. Fixing it up on the inside? Based on the poor quality paint job on the outside I cannot imagine anything productive is being on the inside either.

    I doubt anyone within occupy has any real construction skill, experience, or the tools to do anything. All the ‘work’ will be undone by the owner or the next owner.

  33. I’m a carpenter/concrete/ ex-tunnel miner. There are a few journey plumbers around and a few journey electricians around. a surplus of carpenters, and a few random trades like tile setters. I think there are enough skills to go around. it doesn’t really make sense to fix up the outside first when the inside is lacking drywall, insulation, and finished wiring. it also doesn’t make sense to fix up the place until we find out if the city is going to boot it or let it be.

  34. I don’t think anyone is implying that this group invented graffiti but that is not the point. The current wall street investors did not invent “creative accounting” or thievery but that doesn’t mean that we should not be outraged or prosecute. I can only speak for myself, but I am more emotionally outraged over graffiti by a group representing white privilege in my neighborhood than from graffiti by any group that has experienced de jure discrimination or colonization – just as I see a difference between Denmark West and Jamie Dimon or a female president over a male one, etc… Hope that helps you to understand why maybe some people might be more sensitive to this additional cost to our neighborhood over what already exists.

  35. Thanks, blog fatigue (AKA “occupy your mind” AKA “grafiteeti”), for the kind words! I am curious to learn more about these “real” reporters. From what I can tell, CDN is the only outlet in the city that bothered to cover this update (that the city has, for the first time, officially stated its intent to remove the people currently living in the house). Are you suggesting that’s not information the community should know?

    Many stories CDN covers don’t make it into larger, daily news sources. And they would not have made the daily news in whatever fantasy past you are talking about, either. But that doesn’t mean they’re not important.

    Also, one handle per person, please.

  36. Just curious, Lucas, are you guys getting permits for all the work you are doing? The rest of us would have to do so or we would have a Stop Work Order slapped on our door so fast our heads would spin. Seems you are above that as well. Oh, and FYI, the permits required are to insure that the work is done correctly and up to the current safety and fire codes. This helps not just the occupants but the neighbors as well.
    A fire can spread quickly. As the current occupiers, if there is a fire, someone is hurt, and the cause is faulty wiring are you game to accept that responsibility too?

  37. Protip: no one from the 1% lives in the CD. By squatting in, and uglying up a house, you’re only hurting the people you claim to be defending.

    Everyone in OWS/OS has a false sense of entitlement not so different from the 1% they hate so dearly. I’m tired of this faux-socialist movement, where every stand taken (aside from the initial ‘occupying’) reeks of selfishness.

  38. Hey Lazara,

    Uncharted – at least as far as I can tell:

    1. Occupying
    2. “leaderless”
    3. All encompassing, i.e., not single issue
    4. Unwilling to affiliate with political parties, or existing institutions
    5. International

    I can’t think of a time when a grassroots movement was all those things at once, though I might be missing something – I might even be missing something obvious, so I’ll take a history lesson.

    I don’t know that anyone is settling for a local movement that doesn’t know who to fight. I think one of the difficulties of such a fractured “uprising” is the lack of a unified strategy for action, though we have seen large and organized actions over the past two months.

    I stopped criticizing the Westlake/SCCC occupation because I’m not a part of it. I have no stomach for living in a tent, or sitting through GA’s. Both sound like torture. I’m willing to show up for the big events, (i.e., when there’s a purpose beyond acting out,) and support the cause in my circles, but the trenches are awful places. The occupy part of OS is going to live or die on its own merits. Do I agree with squatting? Yes, if it broadcasts a larger point.

    As to pissing off the liberals, well, that is interesting. I’ve been rather amazed by the level of backlash/vituperation coming from so many anonymous or nom de plume’d Seattleites. I know there’s a strong level of support for justice, but even so, the discussions as to tactics have been quite surprising. Although it does remind me of the cliched response to so many other movements, “We agree with your goals, but not your tactics.”

    I’ll be at some parties, I don’t know what one’s you’ll be at.

    I’ll end with a quote in re to the organization you’d “rather join” : The two greatest discoveries of the 20th century were the Cuisinart, and the clitoris. Gael Greene, food writer.

  39. @ eyes

    go to the main news page and the 6th down news item is a link to the CD Holiday Party. Dec 18th at Central Cinema. It should be really fun.

  40. “it also doesn’t make sense to fix up the place until we find out if the city is going to boot it or let it be.”

  41. CDrez, careful about claiming that no one from the 1% lives in the CD. You can’t always tell a person’s income or wealth by how they choose to live. But I see your point that directing occupation and protest at a neighborhood that’s solidly part of the 99% is a strange way to stick it to the 1%.

  42. “so this group invented grafitti, and before them there was no tags in the hood? get real”

    What kind of ridiculous, non-sequitur argument is this?! “You’re neighborhood was already shitty, so you shouldn’t mind us making it shittier.” F*you! Get out! I support OWS, I don’t support idiot anarchists who glom on to every movement and ruin it by association. You didn’t start the movement, and your tactics are not welcome within it. Stop using OWS as cover for your antisocial behavior.

  43. So then are you going to apply for permits? Is anyone licensed and bonded? Where are you going to get all the tile, sheet rock, tools, electrical, etc. That’s tens of thousands of dollars in costs. Does it make sense to spend all this money remodeling the house when that money could be given out to many people and subsidize part of or all of their rent for a year? Are you getting donated materials from the Re-Store? What happens if there is a fire from someone forgetting to put their joint out?

  44. I’m so ashamed and embarrassed for the supposedly “good people” of my neighborhood who talk about property rights like they’re fighting for justice and elevate it over what should be a universal human right to have a decent place to live, protection from the elements, and to build community. With comment threads like this, it is no wonder that the mostly young adults occupying this house have a hard time distinguishing between who they can unite with and who is an enemy, and tend to view property owners and the middle class as the problem. How about some “Madrona Moms” who actually care about the future of our youth in a broad-minded way instead of narrowly caring about the health and safety of their own children and the children of people just like them? The Occupy Movement, and the actions it has inspired are threatening the ethos of capitalism in the U.S.–where the masses of people have been taught to blame themselves or those on the bottom of society for society’s problems–instead of those on top who own and run things (aka the 1%). Really, pull back the lens and look at the larger picture! Don’t fall for this. Re-think what you’re saying and consider apologizing if you’re about more than just “protecting what’s yours” in this world of horrific inequality we all live in.

  45. Those who use the word ‘blame’ in their daily vernacular, no matter who that blame is pointed at, should also dust off the lens. Personal accountability seems to be missing from your plea to look at the larger picture. Oh yah, and what’s mine is still mine, not yours. Equal or not.

  46. you and others can keep telling people who live in this neighborhood to get out for disagreeing with you, but its a waste of breath. We live here.

  47. I think it’s a red herring to reverse the argument and say rather than blaming the criminals you should blame yourself. To make a complicated story simple, but no less true, the bipartisan pool of corruption that we call our congress is in the pockets of the banksters and corporate criminals of the world and between them they have wreaked havoc upon the environment, crippled the world economy, and destroyed the lives of millions. Now we’ve all been a little bit complicit – it’s hard not to be in the real world, what the hell, we all drive cars, f’rinstance – but there is a larger share of blame for the condition we’re in, and to point it out is to do no more than speak the truth.

  48. It depends on the year

    According to the WA Post:
    Taken literally, the top 1 percent of American households had a minimum income of $516,633 in 2010 — a figure that includes wages, government transfers and money from capital gains, dividends and other investment income.

    (According to CNN it only took $343,927 annual income in 2009. So, it looks like the 1% were doing better in 2010 than 2009.)

    There’s another 1%, and that’s in net worth, again according to the WA Post:

    Average wealth of the top 1 percent was almost $14 million in 2009, according to a 2011 report from the Economic Policy Institute. That’s down from a peak of $19.2 million in 2007.

    Then there’s the 0.1%, and for that, see here:

  49. @Lazara,

    Just gotta say thanks for your well-reasoned and eloquent comments.

  50. To me It’s not about “property rights”. It’s about unlawful seizure. One group of people deciding to take something from someone else without regard to legal process or even attempting mutually agreed terms. What about this is RIGHT? I can understand that in the context of revolution you should overthrow what you would consider an immoral law and if you consider the laws protecting private property immoral, then this is in line with your ethics. But think very carefully if that is truly what you want to be fighting for and I urge you to look at the immediate and long term outcome when this has been applied in other countries. And if it is still in line with you, consider that even Communist leaders have the common sense to seize the assets of the government and business first. If the members of this household are truly Anarchist and support the overthrow, then consider if you are willing to have your fellow citizens live through a complete restructuring of a society with over 300 million people who you then have to trust to self govern their actions. Resentment is what seems is fueling this movement, not justice. Otherwise we would focus on the actual crimes, securing compliance and restitution, not on taking from each other. On a another note, how have you determined that someone who is speaking out on the welfare of their children or their own anything is not actively involved with securing the welfare of others? And lastly. This is my last post on the matter. Thank you and the community for the great thinking points presented.

  51. Thank you Lazara. After this post, where, as a Madrona Mom, I was accused of being simple minded and caring only for the good only MY children, I vowed I wouldn’t waste my time on this matter debating with people who actually thought that and accused me of not caring. But, my curiosity got the better of me and I read the comments, with yours being most recent.
    Again, thank you. Thank you for pointing out that while we do care for our own children, (good grief, now this is a crime?!) we care deeply about this community and all the people here. And to throw out there that we, the Madrona moms and dads don’t care about the community in a broader sense? Are you kidding me? Other than volunteering in the local schools, supporting arts programs like Coyote and Pratt, supporting Seattle Central Little League (which has grown exponentially due to the hard work of a few Madrona moms and dads), supporting programs at Garfield community center (which IS the local community center), just to name a few things. And by support I mean money and time.
    And what about those neighbors who went and cleaned up the crap the anarchists tagged? Do they not care about the community either?
    Sheesh. The reason that we are all so up in arms IS BECAUSE WE CARE!

  52. to add. Maybe this person doesn’t understand that by working for any or all of these causes (and many many more) that we are helping to serve any kid that walks in a door, asks for help.
    By donating time and money to these causes helps any kids who wants to partake of the services offered be able to do so, with out any cost to them. Maybe this person who is accusing us Madrona moms and dads of not caring about the welfare of all children should step outside that ivory tower they live in and set their foot inside some of these schools and organizations. They would see and meet some great caring people who are actually doing good and not destroying property and neighborhood. It is these small steps that make a difference in the lives of many.

  53. Lastly, I challenge those anarchists also to get off the stoop of that house and volunteer in some productive way.

  54. (I posted the below in the comments on the 12/1 article, but I should have posted it here.)

    Nina Shapiro had a smart piece in her blog for the Seattle Weekly today:

    Someone on the Madrona Moms had the idea of setting up a schedule for folks to call the city every hour to complain. I would be game for doing that if the city has not acted by late this week. Anyone else?

    In the meantime, here are numbers and emails again:

    Diane C. Davis
    Code Compliance Manager
    Dept of Planning & Development
    206-233-7873 (direct line)
    [email protected]

    Clay Thompson, DPD
    [email protected]

    Capt James Dermody, Captain, East Precinct,…D

    Sargent Grenon, SPD

    Casey Sundin, community police team, East Precinct
    (206) 684-4370
    [email protected]

    Mayor Mike McGinn
    [email protected]

  55. Horrible idea of encouraging people to clog the lines complaining about a non-issue. This house is not much of a problem – especially relative to all of the vacant lots, foreclosed houses (another one on my street!) , muggings on/near SU and MLK, vacant storefronts (23rd and Union anyone??), Parnells, etc etc. The next big crisis will be is it OK to throw bagged dog poop into another person’s trash can. Oh wait…

    This is what gets people riled up? A few trust-funders/hippies/homeless kids move into an unsided, practially abandoned house?

    Its too bad the madrono moms couldnt spend their well-intentioned political activism on an important topic. As an aside – if you really want to call the city to complain, do you really have to ‘set up a scheudule’? Maybe start a meet-up group to phone bank it? Oy vey, how Seattle…just pick up your iphone and call them already and ask others too. It doesnt take a village.

  56. what if a group a mexicans squatted in a house in the ID? Why does it always have to be a black/white thing? Cant we think outside the box?

  57. *I also posted this in the recent graffiti article’s comments*

    It’s not my house, but I’m filthy angry nonetheless.

    A new home is built in the CD, a couple of people JUST moved in (motives unclear… oh but I’m sure they were conspiring to displace poor people, all while laughing maniacally), and somebody spray paints a huge “Gentrification Kills” on their fence last night? Maybe some dude finally got the big job he worked hard for, moved his family from South Dakota or something, failed to study the bible of CD residency (Thou shalt respect the old school rep of the CD! Thou shalt have been living here x years ago else thou are not keeping it real!), and was really jazzed about having a house in a cool city like Seattle. Wait, no, you’re probably right Mr. anarchist/occupier/asshole guy: they came here to unleash the evil of their presence on our (well, not mine, obviously) ‘hood, and had the gall to build a house that looks nice in the process. The nerve!!

    No, you backward-logic dopes. YOU are killing the neighborhood. When the old is not periodically replaced by the new, EVERYTHING DIES. Discouraging new development and new faces from taking root in the neighborhood is not a service to your community. You are actively, willfully (and I sincerely hope ignorantly) ensuring that this place become a failure. It’s like you think failure is a badge of honor, like when a Republican candidate BOASTS that he’s not as educated as the Democrat. Well, failure is not a badge of honor. The rest of us do not want to wallow in mediocrity because we resent the success of others. We do not appreciate (literally; as in we don’t think you’re doing us a favor) when you fuel outsiders’ negative stereotypes of the CD by providing them with all these universally recognized hallmarks of urban blight.

    You aren’t curing the CD of external pathogens invading the CD. You’re starving the CD of vital nutrients necessary for survival. The problems of the CD originate from within. It’s you.

    You are a cancer. And your metastasis needs to be stopped.

  58. Note I’m not directly calling out the jellyfish house. I get the impression you guys are aware that your actions need to be positive. So if you get word of who is doing this, please join the rest of us in vehemently condemning it.

  59. Agree with you there Tom. This is important stuff and this is a great communication center for the hood. These are our real opinions on real time activity where we live.

    I assume that this is an adult forum and such adults can handle reading the real opinions of their neighbors on subjects that are affecting or quality of life. Nobody is being forced to read.

    Many of us do hide behind alias’s. This allows us to be more honest while avoiding retaliation from lunatics known and unknown (Rummy?) to be present in our community and on the web.

    Anyway – thanks.

  60. It’s also not a badge of honor to have no allies.

    I don’t believe that Americans, as a whole, accept that gross income inequality, etc., etc., makes for an enlightened nation. I certainly don’t think the majority of people living in the CD believe that. So, why alienate people who agree there is a problem, and can probably be moved to do something about it?

    If the graffito-anarchists think they can make a revolution with spray cans, they’re as deluded as my generation thinking we could make a revolution by smoking pot.

    The world needs all the friends it can get – Organize, don’t alienate.

  61. seems mighty quiet at the house that the jellyfish stole. this foggy weather makes me think its a little chilly in there. I drive by all the time, and the last two times (last night and this a.m.) not a soul to be seen.
    that said, if they’ve moved on they sure left a mess behind.