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Fighting Foreclosures in the CD

In October, Foreclosure Fighters successfully helped the Mitchells stay in their home on 21st Avenue in the face of a scheduled date for their home to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.  Though the immediate danger of foreclosure has been stopped, we are currently working with a pro bono attorney to get the loan renegotiated to a rate that the family may actually be able to afford to pay over the long haul.

The group, which meets regularly on Wed. evenings in the Mitchells’ home would like to help other neighbors in immediate or imminent danger of losing their homes stand up to the predatory lenders, loan servicers, and real estate investors.  The group is comprised of volunteers in the community who feel strongly about stopping the financial bullies from preying on working people to increase their own wealth..

Please get in touch with me if you are in danger of losing your house and we can help you strategize and put pressure on the folks who are trying to snatch your house away from you.  My email is [email protected].

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