SPD: Four men rob business at 25th and Jackson

Four men with their faces covered robbed a business at 25th and Jackson around 6 p.m. November 5, according to police. One of them was armed with a chrome revolver. The fled the area in a newer gray Nissan Maxima.

From SPD:

On 11/05/11, at approximately 6:00 p.m., 4 males entered a business in the 2500 block of S. Jackson St.  Their faces were covered and one was armed with a chrome colored revolver.  The suspect’s demanded money.

The suspects emptied the contents of the safe into a plastic shopping bag and took a locked box with more cash and checks inside.  The suspects then ran out of the business southbound on 25 Ave S.  A K9 unit tracked the suspects to an apartment complex but no suspects were located.

The suspects were described as black males wearing dark clothing, with t-shirts covering their faces.  They may have been Somali, according to victim’s judgment of suspects’ accents.

A witness stated they saw four males leave the area in a gray newer Nissan Maxima. An Evidence Technician responded and processed the scene.

2 thoughts on “SPD: Four men rob business at 25th and Jackson

  1. Not much in the story to go by, but, let’s have some fun with this.

    I’m not buying it. The story does not fit with my CD (world) view.

    Yes, we do have Somalis, but, I have not heard much about Somali crime gangs. Could be new or the information could have been hidden for us to protect us from hating Somalis. But, That would make me feel dumb so it can’t be true. And who can tell a Somali accent from an Ethiopian accent? Too specific – the witness is full of BS.

    A newer model Maxima? Robbers in a new Maxima? No, we can safely assume the vehicle would have been at least ten years old unless it was a Chevy. Chevy values drop fast enough for a criminal to own a 5 year old Chevy. But the Maxima will be unaffordable for 8 years or more. So – the person does not know what a late model car is and probably would not now the difference between a Camry, Corolla, or a pick up truck.

    Now, perhaps the victim would know these things if they had a relationship with the people. Here’s on scenario. The a “victim” is laundering money or selling stolen products procured by a group they know pretty well. Could be an emergent somali gang (still prbably not). These kids don’t get paid and decide to go take the criminal’s (victim’s) money. That is the way most real “roberies” happen.

    Can’t wait to find out the truth. In the mean time I’m just goint to guess.