More Broadstripe woes.

I’ve called Broadstripe twice about how our already bad service has gotten worse as of late.  The first person said they are doing “upgrades for our area” and the service will be like this for 4 to 6 weeks.  The next person I called said nothing about upgrades, just that they know about the problem and gave the estimate 8 to 10 weeks to fix it. I know it’s hard to imagine Broadstripe setting the bar any lower for internet service but is anyone else experiencing any (worse than normal) problems with their internet? 

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  1. After numerous service visits last Dec-Jan, our chronic internet issues were resolved – until about 2 weeks ago. No connection frequently, for minutes, or hours. Hope we don’t get to days. Next available tech? Weds PM. This sucks.

  2. I also have been having extremely terrible service from Broadstripe, however, that is normal for this shitty ISP.

  3. i don’t love clearwire, or clear, or whatever they’re called now, but our internet works great 90% of the time. i know that their set up isn’t perfect for everyone, but i think they’re definitely a better option than broadstripe in the CD.

  4. Yep, that sounds about right…around two weeks ago, our Broadstripe service has been incredibly slow, often out, at completely random times.

    Thanks for posting this note. I don’t recall see anything in the mail from Broadstripe about possible “interruptions” due to these “upgrades.” This is a HUGE PROBLEM for me as I work from home and need the nets to do my work!

    Broadstripe is terrible and I would switch in a second to anything else if we could. I really wish there was competition!

  5. I don’t have broadstripe but I did see them working on underground lines at 16th and Lane last week. Well I saw two of their trucks and a guy down in a man-hole, assume they were working on the lines. I have used Qwest now Centurylink DSL for the past few years and have been happy with the connection and speed. Very little disruption in service. I tried clearwire about five years ago and found it to be terribly slow and glitchy.

  6. We have Qwest (or Century Link, whatever – I hate all the name changes) and they have been fine. Fast service, no problems. I would recommend switching.

  7. Knox,

    I feel your pain. I used to have Broadstripe and worked from home as well. I have never had a more incompetent internet and cable provider to date. I could go on and on about being on hold and service issues but I don’t have all day. It is sad that there is no competition in certain areas of the cd and the only choice is Broadstripe.
    I moved to Madrona and as sad as it is to say Broadstripe played a big part in it. I needed a reliable connection to do my job. I now have Comcast and love the service. I know a lot of people complain about Comcast but it has been reliable and fast(20 mbps).
    Hope to see some more isp’s in the cd.

  8. We are in the “dead-zone” that requires Broadstripe, also. For that reason, we don’t have cable (well, really because it SUCKS!). We recently switched to the “Clink” from another great service & are happy with the speeds for now.

  9. Broadstripe once shut off my internet connection for downloading an HBO show via a torrent. The crazy part was that I was an active HBO subscriber and was just looking for an old episode that I had missed. I had to sign a cease and desist letter that was sent to HBO to get my service back. I dropped Broadstripe like a hot potato after that. I’ve had Qwest (Clink) and DirecTV ever since, and am very happy with both.

  10. …The Wave takeover of their franchise is eminent, now we just have to hope the city counsel writes some upgrade requirements into the deal. Though I doubt Wave will be our savior, research shows that they are just as bad or worse than broadstripe at over subscribing nodes and are slow to build out to meet capacity. Why can’t the franchise just be handed over to Comcast?

    As for the current Broadstripe situation, I’ve been unable to get more than 0.5Mb down for over two weeks now. after several calls and some story about a 6 week upgrade I was able to get a $45 credit out of them. though it took over a week for somebody to call me back to knowledge that the credit was being applied.

  11. I’ve been a long time Broadstripe customer. I tried once to switch to Qwest but had a terrible time with them also and finally had to get the state’s AG office involved. I’ve heard Qwest/CLink is ok but no luck here. I haven’t been affected by this issue although I have had plenty. To their credit Broadstripe has gotten better but are blowing a great opportunity in my opinion.

    File a complaint with the city Office of Cable Communication. It might not do much right away but they need to know.

    Write McGinn’s office. He talks about getting better/faster broadband and we certainly need it.

    He is a story I heard today on NPR.

    This country is going to slip even farther by getting behind on information infrastructure. Let the mayor and the office of cable communications know your thoughts. I am all for a new player having a great opportunity over the utter failures who seem to be in a race for the bottom with communication services.

  12. Yea, I am in the same boat. I have CLink. They are good most of the time, but I would love to have something faster. 7mbps is not cool to watch netflix :(. What can we do to voice our opinion. We want more choices (comcast or verizon would be great).

  13. Yes! our internet connection through broadstripe has been awful for the last three weeks; cant even watch a video on youtube