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Free Rain Garden Classes and more.



Central District – November 14, 6:30-8:30pm 

2100 Building

2100 24

th Ave S. 98144


Come find out about this rain garden in your neighborhood, at  Green Plate Special, installed as part of the Sustainable Rain project.


We would like for more rain gardens to grow in the Central District and we have $1,000 to fund a rain garden at a business or residence in the CD.  Come learn how to build one!




What will happen at this free workshop:

  • There will be coffee and food!,
  • Locally produced presentation on stormwater pollution, the Puget Sound, and what you can do,
  • Training on how to build your own rain garden from Paul Crane, local landscape architect,
  • Pictures and stories from Sustainable Rain – rain garden projects at Seattle businesses and organizations in four neighborhoods,
  • Information on funding available for a business or residential rain garden in each of these neighborhoods.


It’s best to pre-register: or go directly to:


Questions: Contact Amy Waterman at [email protected] 

Funded by: Russell Family Foundation, Sponsored by: Sustainable Rain ( ) of Sustainable Seattle (

3 thoughts on “Free Rain Garden Classes and more.

  1. Good article, thanks for pointing it out. In our particular corner of the CD, there are naturally occuring springs in the hillside and the soil is a hard clay when you dig down 16 inches. Something to consider when designing a rain garden for sure.

  2. This class teaches you how and where it is appropriate to construct a rain garden to prevent the problems they had in Ballard. Rain Gardens do not work everywhere but when sited correctly they work well and are beautiful. The class shows you how to test and determine if the site will work for a rain garden and the best places to look for in placing them. There will be examples of other types of sustainable low impact development that can be used other than rain gardens.