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Beehive Bakery Closed

My friend Scot sent me this photo from the door of Beehive Bakery.  We don’t know any details.

38 thoughts on “Beehive Bakery Closed

  1. Sounds like they closed. Does anybody really care why? Let it go, move on. p.s. the cinnamon rolls were horrible…

  2. I thought the cinnamon rolls were good. I wish it could have worked out for them – they seemed really nice. chi-town, you seem like an unhappy person.

  3. just keepin’ it real! why would you get personal? you don’t now me – you seem like an idiot

  4. to answer your question:

    YES, Obviously, some people really DO care why they closed. For reasons they’ve stated.

    If they like the people, and they like the rolls (whether you did or not), does it make them, as you say, “an idiot” for caring why they closed? No. But if the shoe fits….

  5. See jim98122x, If you possessed any reading comprehension skills you’d know I said she was an idiot as an example of why she shouldn’t name call – apparently you’ve already slipped on the shoe!

  6. We happend to pass by there Friday evening shortly after the hail storm and it looked as if the Beehives front awning had fallen down on the sidewalk.

  7. If you possessed any reading skills, you wouldn’t have had to rhetorically ask if anyone really cared? Because they obviously do, which you would’ve known if you’d read and understood their comments.

  8. c’mon jim… re-read the thread – no one expressed care – just curiosity – glad you’re boarding the RIF train – it will help you tremendously!

    p.s. try one sentence at a time and maybe read it aloud (that means actually saying the words)

  9. It wasn’t deleted – it’s in the new thread that starts when you click on the “CLOSED” picture at the top of this story. I posted on each thread too because I didn’t realize the relationship between the two and thought mine hadn’t posted.

  10. I was one of the first customers from Day one and visited 2-3 times a week..I was happy to see their friendly smiling faces light up that old building..I will miss the quiche, cookies, brownies and cinamon rolls and my mocha! Thanks to the owners for giving it a go in the place..I will miss you..JFK

  11. I am sorry I never made it into the BeeHive but I am grateful for all of the work they did on the building – it will make it so much easier for the next tenant. The owner was obviously hardworking and I wish her well.

  12. Oh I thought she was fixing the place.

    She was a great lady and a hard working one. Do we know what is happening?

  13. It’s interesting that it took so long to open, supposedly due to code issues which came up because it had been vacant so long, and then they went through a lot of work and improvements on it, only to close. The structural changes were likely being paid for by the owner of the building, not the owner of the bakery, which will, hopefully, help lease it out again. Or maybe the building is not salvageable? It will be interesting to hear from the building owner (he also owns the carwash down the block) about the reasons for the closure.

    I will admit I didn’t stop in while they were open. The environment didn’t appeal to me at all, and I don’t want to spend time in places that don’t make me comfortable. It looked temporary and awkward. Aesthetics play a large role in where people spend their money, though most people won’t admit it. I believe my family did enjoy some tasty treats as ‘take out’ however.

  14. I’m sad to hear that the Beehive didn’t work out. Just the thought of their orange creme cinnamon rolls makes my mouth water. I hope the wonderfully welcoming and warm owners find a better location in the CD to start a new hive!

  15. Last time I was in the bldg. I talked to the owners; they wanted to restore the bldg. to its original state (!) as a Taco Time or something like that. They were removing the superstructure of stucco and lumber to get back to the building’s bones. Way it looks now, it might be hard to rent…

  16. This is too bad. I went in once to get some baked goods for a meeting on my way to work and even though the place looked totally sketch inside and out, the items I bought (cinnamon rolls, scones, muffins) were really good! I would have gone there again. The woman at the counter (the owner?) was also really pleasant.

    The thing about this corner being cursed, is that there was a sign at the counter showing that the bakery had been blessed(?) by a rabbi. I guess it didn’t work.

  17. I was very sorry to see that the Beehive had closed. I drop off my son at Garfield every morning and tried to go there once a week in support of their efforts. The owners were really friendly and I thought that the cinnamon rolls and mini quiches were really good. Best wishes to them and I hope that someone else will give this space a go.

  18. That building needed a lot more work to make it function well as a cafe and also be visually appealing and comfortable… and I remember stopping by one Saturday late morning after they had been open a few weeks to find it closed – not a good way to run a new business. The bar for coffee shops is pretty high in Seattle. Good luck to the next tenant!

  19. Wow, went under a few months faster then I thought it would.

    I groaned the second I heard there was a bakery going in there. In a neighborhood chock full of cafes and bereft of any other type of inexpensive eateries I thought it was about the worst business plan for the space anybody could come up with.

    Here’s hoping for a good Mexican or pho joint going in. And fix that damn exterior!

  20. I agree….a Pho place wouldn’t be terribly original. But people don’t expect beautiful aesthetics while they eat Pho, and the place would be full almost right away. That would be awesome.

  21. i liked the lady that ran the place and was hoping they would get to expand their bakery selection. the orange cinnamon roles made me happy.

    RIP Beehive

  22. It’s time to demolish that sad, sad piece of crap building and start new and in the meantime have some food trucks in that space….

  23. Now that place looks even worse than before, which I thought was impossible.

    Either REALLY fix up the building or raze it to the ground.

  24. WOW i should have jumped on this thread sooner. Lots of speculation… I am happy to answer any specific questions….

    As to the building being cursed…I sure hope not :)

  25. I love Pho! But without major re-modeling of the bldg I doubt there would be enough seating. I would imagine a take out place would do better, especially with the parking. Perhaps Pho and Vietnamese sandwiches?

  26. Pho and vietnamese sandwiches would be good. As far as the seating goes— people don’t usually linger around after they finish their Pho anyway. So I’d bet the space you have is enough to accommodate.

  27. Perhaps the drive through area could be used for outdoor seating? A tent and stand up heaters like the taco trucks do. The northern part of the CD is really deficient of Vietnamese/Asian food. Would be good to see, even if it’s a Saigon Deli take out style.

    But whoever tackles this space next really needs to think outside the box a bit though and make it a destination. Just because you hang an “open” sign doesn’t mean people will come. Make it something special and unique – by the offerings, the name, the signage, the decor, the experience. In my opinion the bakery offered none of those and it’s no surprise it went under so quickly. One has to be creative in today’s retail environment.