Woman and child steal $80 in crab from market on S King St

An adult woman and a child estimated to be between six and nine years old stole a bag of crab worth $80 from a market near 12th and King shortly before 5:30 p.m. October 5. The woman allegedly handed the boy the crab, and he walked out of the store without paying and entered a brown SUV, possibly a Chevy Tahoe. There were several others in the SUV.

When the victim confronted the suspects about the theft, a third suspect allegedly shoved the victim before the group fled in the SUV, according to the police report:



7 thoughts on “Woman and child steal $80 in crab from market on S King St

  1. Nice. Teach your children to steal. If these were CD residents, I guess we can see where the next generation is headed already.

    • now u ppl all got the wrong idea I came in the store wit. the kids and they stole on there own

  2. Why did they white out the partial possible plate? That is the information that helps. Without that we are looking for what? A black woman with a child and some friends. Gee only a couple like that around.

    Now, if we were looking for a light skinned 20ish black woman driving a bbrown tahoe type vehicle with partial plate XXX-@#^%. Then we could likely turn in some tips. As it is, shall I call in every woman with child I see while driving along MLK? SPD doesn’t want any help.

  3. Boy, hope I didn’t offend anyone by using the term white out when clearly the words were blacked out. And what about that. Is it racist for SPD do cover up information with black ink rather than white out. And how sterile to see everything as black or white. What about all the other weirdos in this town. How do you fruitloop out something. Perhaps it would be better to smear something brown randomly on the page so as not to offend anyone. Ya gotta think before attacking the page. Makes ya wonder what was never there to silence after the fact.

  4. Over 80 bucks in crab, these stooges will likely burn down the business if charges are pressed.

  5. Like that excuses it? Do you seriously believe the thieves knew that when they picked their intended market to steal from? It’s still stealing, anyway.

  6. Hope they get caught or choke on a crab shell. This is one of the worst crimes imaginable, teaching kids to become terrible, useless citizens like their parents are. Stop this cycle someone, please and thanks in advance.